Monday, 22 June 2009

This Tuvi sambas with confidence

HE is not the usual actor in every film, but Ugochukwu Emeka Ogenetuviere James or Tuvi James for short, is in the estimation of film critics, is a steady actor who impresses with his acts. The star of Traumatized, Day Time Lover, Lost Passion, Missing Angel, Beyond belief and Stand by Me is believed to be one actor whose potentials have not really been explored by film producers. Moviedom brings you closer to the Nnewi, Anambra State-born actor.

Tuvi James
Born in Lagos to parents who are both lawyers and devout Christians; Tuvi, a native of Nnewi Local Council of Anambra State has never lived outside Lagos. He was named Ogenetuviere from where the name Tuvi was coined out by his Urhobo mother. He had his early and post secondary education in Lagos.
It was acting from childhood
Tuvi had always wanted to be an actor; he saw acting as a talent. Though, he loved sports generally, and was engaged in a lot of athletics while growing up, as time went on, he developed interest in acting. He found the activities of the school dramatic society a great influence and took part in a number of drama presentations. He continued like that until he got into Nollywood.
He was on his way to the library as a student of the University of Lagos, when a member of crew of one movie being shot on campus approached him to play the role of a “rich man’s son”. He replied in the affirmative, and that was it. He got a script, rehearsed, got on set, and months later he was on the cover jacket of My Vengeance and Your Funeral.
Parental objection
Ironically, his parents didn’t think he made a right choice by choosing acting as a profession. They wanted him to be a medical doctor, believing that with acting he may end up being a ‘hooligan’. They insisted that he must return to school to study medicine, which he began for a while before he stopped and ventured into acting. In fact, he revealed that his father almost disowned him, but he could not be bothered because as he said, ‘I have a dream and I know where I am heading to’.
Role model
He is a great admirer of some renowned Hollywood actors such as Denzel Washington, Russell Crewel and Tom Cruise; and admires Nigeria’s Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) greatly. He named RMD first among those he draws inspiration from and confessed to have learnt so much watching him.
First day on set is the deepest
Tuvi’s first day on set would remain his most memorable day as an actor. He had stage fright. In fact, he almost gave up his first acting role, but today, Tuvi sambas with full confidence and can take up any job even at short notice.
Am lady’s man?
Hailed as ‘a ladies man’ whose looks and disposition can melt the heart of any lady, Tuvi said warding off passes from female admirers has been one of his biggest challenges as an actor.
Career ambition
A trained computer scientist and an alumnus of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria training school, who is also engaged in singing and some modeling activities by the side, Tuvi’s ambition is to get to the height of his chosen career. The star of Children of Terror, Wanted Alive, Married Woman and Broken Engagement also wants to keep serving God as well as to assist and serve the less privileged in the society. He says he has no regret acting and would play a long game in the movie.
Next time around
If given another opportunity to live life again, Tuvi will return an actor; acting and entertainment generally have become a part of me. Take them away and you would have taken a part of me away’.
Those coming behind
Described by close friends as humble, trusted, amiable and friendly, he admonishes all those interested in taking up acting as a career not to jump into it without acquiring the basic education. He also advised that they must be humble and not be desperate as desperation has led so many people out of the industry.
I am satisfied with the progress we have made. Yes, Nollywood is going places and we have become the cynosure of all eyes; but we need to close ranks and work as a people determined to raise the stake.

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