Friday, 26 June 2009

Wedlock of styles

CHOOSING a wedding gown could be a fabulous experience, yet very tasking, stressful and overwhelming because the bride is faced with a lot of choices.
For Vivian Zadok of Viva Creations, Jabi, Abuja, the job of deciding, which wedding gown to wear is most time determined by the bride, however, the groom also plays a vital role in taking the whole decision; the money sure comes from him!
She says the major obstacle in selecting bridal gowns in Nigeria is the option provided by the church. She adds, “another major determinant is finance. How rich a couple is or the family will go a long way to reveal the kind of gown the bride will wear on that day.”
Wedding dresses come in different styles such as the off-shoulder, strapless gowns with short sleeve jackets, strapless gowns with long sleeve jackets, turtle neck, high neck, the A-line style, the fish style, round neck bridal gowns amongst others.
Though they mostly come in white, wedding dresses could also come in creamy shades such as eggshell, ecru and ivory.
In the words of Amaka Okafor of Benkol Bridals, “wedding gowns could be flared either by wearing a basket underwear lining or by sewing in lining, net and other materials as underwear into the gowns. The sewn lining makes the gown flared and heavier than the basket lining underwear worn before wearing the gowns.”
Okafor further informs, “the outfit can be produced with combinations of taffeta, shiffon, damask, fur, Satin, beads and even fabrics. Pearls and beads are also sewn into the clothing, so that the bride would look sparkling in the sunlight. Apart from the combinations to be used for wedding gowns, its selection is dependent on the specifications of the customer. For most of our bridals outfits, are imported.”

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