Sunday, 28 June 2009

‘You can’t get me on skirt… no way’

BIODUN Caston Dada is the Publisher of Acada magazine, a youth focused journal that celebrates the country’s young ones. The magazine was officially launched in March 2007. The Ekiti-born publisher attended IMG, Primary School, Molete, Ibadan, and later proceeded to Nawarudeen Secondary School, Abeokuta. He had his tertiary education at the University of Lagos. Apart from being a publisher, he is also into arts and graphic designs. He tells DAMILOLA ADEKOYA what fashion means to him.

Definition of fashion
Fashion is a determinant of style. Fashion is quite different from style because Fashion is the clothing part, while style is packaging of the fashion part of you.
Style of dressing
I’m more of a casual person. I just go on a jean and a pair of shirt. I go formal, when I have presentations.
Favourite piece of clothing
My wristwatch.
Most expensive item
My Kartrei wristwatch
Most cherish possession
That’s my mum
What will you not be caught dead wearing?
Maybe a skirt!
Turn on
Success. I love successful people, they really turn me on.
Turn off
Laziness; it’s not part of me.
Favourite Food
I love pounded yam and I also love plantain.
Memorable moment
The day the first edition of Acada, came out.
Most embarrassing moment
When people underrate me, seeing that I’m too small to handle the kind of business that I do.
Describe yourself in few words
I’m simple, ambitious and likeable.
Position in the family
I’m the first from my mum and the seventh from my dad.
Favourite designer
Philosophy of life
Life is all about give and take, what so ever you do unto others, so shall others do unto you.

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