Saturday, 6 March 2010

Garden edge

THE different ways the edge of a garden is defined will invariably define the mood, formality, geometry and overall impact of a landscape. Hardscape elements, such as a path made of cobblestones, brick, or cement, will give an exact boundary at the ground level. Softer possibilities include a row of trees or hedges, a trellised vine, or merely another variety of garden.
A low fence is the most traditional strategy to define the edge of a garden. A simple wooden picket fence will do the trick. Iron railings or vinyl fences work the same way but give a different impression. Fences let one see through the garden, or past the garden, yet give an exact linear boundary.
Creating a design that will define the edge of a garden may be as simple as taking edge its edge to the end of soil. In this kind of boundary, the garden gives way to artificial flooring. It may be a narrow meandering meandering path of pavers, a square brick, patio, or a cement walkway.
More inventive ways to define the edge of a garden include using sculptural or water elements. For instance, a koi pond, reflecting pool, or even wine barrel filled with horsetail will interrupt the dry ground with the peace of water.
Sculptures, whether birdbaths, kinetic metal art pieces or topiary, are other noticeable elements that can define the edge of a garden. Decorative birdhouses can sit on pedestals, as can birdfeeders or birdbaths. Finally, a change in elevation, flanked by short, rock walls or planks, gives steps to your garden. For centuries, people have terraced their gardens to take advantage of sloping hillsides. Stairs or ramps can connect the different levels of the garden yard and define the edge of a garden in an interesting and aesthetically pleasing way.


  1. The edge of a garden is not something that I've given much thought, but I can see how it does impact the overall feel of the garden. The different edges you've described have opened my mind to the possibilities. Something that I'll have to explore in more depth as it relates to my specific garden.

    Stan Horst

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