Saturday, 13 March 2010



Princess’ bomb
COMEDIAN Princess shocked many of her fans last week when on a brief appearance on TV programme, she pronounced the word ‘bomb’ with the B loud! Geez, Princess, were you not thought in school that the B is silent? Coming from a comic act such as Princess, who has been on the scene for quite some time, this is inexcusable. Advise to dear Princess: go back and read your Brighter Grammar booklet.

Leo’s new married habit
NOLLYWOOD star, Leo Mezie, is married, that is no longer news. He got married on February 28 in crisis-ridden Jos, Plateau State where he braced the dangers of gun-totting ethnic warriors (see wetin love dey cause) to marry his Delta-born heartthrob. But T4T has noticed that since the star joined the married men club, he has picked up a new habit. For some time now, he has been under close observation by T4T (dis T4T na doctor?) and it has been noticed that anytime he comes to O’jez, he now orders for two big bottles water and a plate of chips/chicken. It takes him less than 10 minutes to down the water and he calls for more water, haba. This is Leo that used to cuddle a bottle of a beer in a green bottle before he got married. We dug deeper and found out that perhaps madam has ‘ordered’ ‘ole Leo to kick the beer habit and become a responsible husband and father that he would be in the near future. That is nice of madam but Leo’s case brings to the fore the general belief that once you are married, the woman begins to rule the man’s world. We all are victims; I mean the married ones o o.

Paul Play’s rough rider
IT was on Tuesday, March 9, at exactly 7.32am. T4T was minding his business inside his Tuke tuke car just by Police College, Ikeja, when a BMW X5 SUV raced past driving against traffic. The car was really in a hurry going by the kind of speed level the driver was going. A peep at the registration revealed the customised number plates ‘Paul Play’. And that car could be owned by just one person, Afro-highlife singer turned hip-hop act, Paul ‘Play’ Dairo. Where was he rushing to at that time of the morning? Why would the singer who is supposed to be a role model decide to drive against traffic at a time school children were going to school? And in front of a Police College of all places! Well, he got away with it that day, he may not be lucky next time. So, if you per chance see the music star being dragged and rough-handled by LASTMA traffic officials, please do not pity him because whatever you sow... (fill in the blank spaces).

... And Tony Tonero’s Gone
STRUGGLING music act, Tony Tonero, is dead, according to a report in a national newspaper. He was reportedly hit by a hit and run car as he attempted to cross a road in a Lagos suburb. Tony, according to reports, was on his way home from where he went to watch a football match. See what all these foreign football will do to us? Tony did not go and watch Enyimba Vs Sharks, he must have gone to watch a Chelsea Vs ... Well, the Delta State-born artiste is gone, with unfulfilled dreams of becoming a star. His closest to being a star was his Yoruba rap in Paul Play’s Moserire. Such is life.

Zik Zulu’s it
NOLLYWOOD producer/director, Zik Zulu Okafor, is a made man, and this piece of news is authoritative. Zik would win the award (if there is any like that) of the Nollywood practitioner with the highest taste for exotic cars. For years, the producer has been driving top of the range cars. T4T saw him at an office in Ikeja recently and he was amazed. The BMW X6, maroon red colour pulled over and the small figure behind hailed T4T. Lo and behold, it was Zik. The wonders on wheel zoomed off. Geez, the cost of that car can conveniently build a country home in the village. Bros, when I grow up, I will like to be like you.
Please, remember the young ones like us o.

Bankuli hugs New York
AS you read this piece, artistes’ manager, Seun Abisagbola, popularly called Bankuli, is in New York. T4T got a Blackberry message from Bankuli detailing his itinerary. See how life be? This is Bankuli some years ago that we were always sitting down near an Aboki shop on Airways Road, Surulere, talking about the good life in future. Now that good life is here, he is busy travelling all over the world. Well, but his detractors have just one advice for him: he should get married now that he has everything going for him. But wait o, Bankuli, an unmarried man, is as heavy and big as a 10-ton truck, if im come marry join am? Hmmm, but e no stop peson, at least Howie T marry and born pikin sef.

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