Sunday, 21 March 2010

Teeth For Teeth


At last, they got Paulo
T4T told you sometime last year when trouble was brewing for president of the Association of Movie Producers, AMP, Nollywood actor, Paul Obazele, popularly called Paulo, was embattled. But he quickly denied the claim, as he, alongside producer Zeb Ejiro, stuffed in large quantities of grilled fish at O’jez. Well, the bubble has finally bust. Alleging Paulo’s Abacha-like style of administration, nearly all Nollywood big and small producers have decided to jump ship and form a new body called Association of Nollywood Core Producers, ANCOP. The media unveil is planned for end of this month at Rita Lori Hotels, Lagos. The president of the new body, Alex Eyengho, gave all these details. Without mentioning names, no known producer is still with Paulo’s AMP anymore. At the moment, the song that is apt to play for the now embattled president of AMP, is Azizat’s Lonely. One needs a crash course on how to blindside somebody from these ANCOP members.
Paulo is truly embattled this time, no doubt.

Segun Arinze’s sweat
IF someone told me that president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Segun Arinze, has so much sweat in him like what I saw recently, I would have argued blindly. But thank God I saw it with my koro koro eyes. As usual, I had finished my round at a hangout in Surulere and I was just by the parking lot, heading to my tuke tuke, when another car pulled up and Black Arrow, as Arinze is popularly called, alighted. He was clutching about four mobile phones. But that is not the issue. The way sweat was dripping from his face actually scared me. His shirt was soaked. T4T thought he would pass out the next minute, but thank Jehovah, he didn’t. He hailed your darling T4T and hurried away to the VIP section to no doubt be cooled by the air-conditioners.
The import of this little story is that presido’s car no get air condition or the many wahala for AGN dey make am sweat like no man’s biznes. Anyhow sha, na so life be.

D’banj And Genevieve?
WHAT have I been hearing in recent times? That hip-hop star D’banj and Nollywood screen idol, Genevieve, are doing what...? Someone swore he read an interview where D’banj was praising ‘Gene baby’ as well as extolling her virtues (D’banj has extolled many women’s virtues, so that is not news) but what keeps rearing up is that they are... I can’t say the word, just fill the blank spaces.
Hmmm, if it’s true, then D’banj don fall in love tru tru dis time. No be me talk o o.

Ernest Asuzu Rebrands, Now El Grin
NOLLYWOOD star turned hip-hop act, Ernest Asuzu, has finally re-branded. He appears to have left movie and now into hip-hop music full time. He launched his debut album recently. So folks, when you come across a CD with a grinning face of Ernesto on the cover sleeve, but with the name El Grin, do not get confused, it is the same fella.
Na so life be, no be one road peson dey take enta maket.

Revealed, how Dadi Monso was caught
NOLLYWOOD star, Dadi Monso... you don’t recall Monso? Hold on, let me refresh your memory a bit. The actor was the same person that T4T reported had resorted to hiding in a spot inside the National Stadium premises where cheap beer is sold after declaring he was tired of playing the star and drinking beer at high prices at celebrity hangouts. Yes, it is the same Monso, but this time, he did not go to drink beer or eat goat head at reduced prices, he was seen at about 11.30pm at Yeside Bus Stop, Aguda, with a friend (if you like say na man or woman, na you come talk o). They were walking to the bus stop and from the way the ‘friend’ was dressed, you will know that the ‘friend’s’ house is not far from the location they were sited. I met Monso days after and told him I would let the world know that he was seen at that ungodly hour of the night (as if Curfew dey Lagos) and if he has any explanation, he should send his disclaimer to the Editor, The Guardian Life magazine.
Truth is he attempted to appease (or bribe) me with a bottle of ... but sorry, T4T has kicked the drinking habit. Monso, epele o.

Desmond Elliot, the star
NOLLYWOOD star actor turned director, Desmond Elliot, was at the National Stadium recently on location. They used the Chinese restaurant there as set. But that is not the issue, after the shoot, to show people in the open air section of the popular hangout in the vicinity that a star was in the vicinity, Elliot came out in full glare, making loud jokes with crew members by a white bus. Desmond boy laughed the loudest among the people there that evening and some of his detractors were quick to say, he wanted to be noticed.
But the Desmond I know is not a notice me kind of person, but then, people do change sha.

Lolo, the caterer
THE actress,Oby Okafor, popularly called Lolo, may have bidded acting farewell. Why did I say so? On Monday night, someone was distributing a complimentary card at Ejike Asiegbu’s permanent table at one popular hangout, a careful look at the card showed Lolo’s picture and the information that she is into professional catering. Her company’s name is De Giggles, so in case you see a card with Lolo’s picture bearing that company’s name; you know who it is. However, her decision to delve into catering may not be unconnected to the global economic meltdown that has refused to leave Nollywood alone.

Chuma Onwudiwe again
NOLLWOOD comedian and Secretary General of Actors Guild of Nigeria, Chuma Onwudiwe, has done it again! Recall I told you how Chuma single-handedly devoured a baby whale at a popular hangout in Surulere some weeks ago, good. Last Friday, he was at it again at the celebrity hangout. It was some minutes past 8pm when the waiter brought the gigantic grilled fish with lots of chips that can feed four people, but it took Chuma and his female companion just 15 minutes (dis T4T na timer o) to demolish the fish obstacle. Attempts to document event for posterity was rebuffed by Chuma, as he kept blocking the camera view with his wide hands.
But did it stop T4T from telling the world even if he has no pictures to show? Whoosai.

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