Saturday, 13 March 2010

Small space gardening

FOR reason of lack of space, many homeowners feel it is almost impossible to have a garden around the house. They contend that a small space will not accommodate most of the principles and rules laid down in gardening manuals. True, small garden spaces present their own challenges, but it needs not be limiting.
A small space garden lends itself to personal expression. Smaller gardens are extensions of your home and go a long way to capture the sensibilities and taste of the gardener. If at any time the taste and inclination change, reworking a small garden is much easier.
From wanting to make the space look larger or just squeezing as many plants in as possibly can, plenty of small gardening help comes handy.
In a small garden, the gardener needs to pay attention to details. It is easier to manage in terms of maintenance, while still having time to sit and enjoy the small garden. Another benefit of a small garden is that the gardener gets to know every space and plant. Any plant that is out of place or not thriving can be spotted and corrected quickly.

Limited space means having to make choices. Every plant or feature will need to serve a purpose. There is no room for wasted space or underperforming plants.
In fact, it takes fewer plants to make a dramatic effect.
Growing every plant you love in the available space is out of it. There is need to check the inclination to buy a plant on impulse and assume that a place can be found for it in the garden.
It also means that colour should also be limited, so as to give the small garden cohesion. Less is more. Subtle colours will make the garden appear larger. However, this can compensate for the limited colour pallette with a variety of textures. The textural contrast will help blend the plant material and allow the garden to flow.
Growing plants in containers is useful in achieving the dream of gardening in small space.

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