Saturday, 20 February 2010

The ancient… the modern

EARLIER this month, Vlisco, makers of fine Dutch wax, launched the New Tableau Vivant Collection, an eccentric expressions that embraces the distinctiveness of art inspired by unexpected combinations.
The collection features an interesting colour palette of soft blues and mellow browns that trigger memories of ancient art (think Egyptian sphinx and old indigo), while bold yellow and orange accents evoke a timeless intensity and sunny disposition.
Vlisco has been supporting local fashion design talents – both emerging and established – by organising competitions and providing some designers with textiles to support their fashion shows.
The fabric has some exciting designs such as fishes caught in a net, groundnut pods, lattice designs like molecular structures, ethnic batik and fan-like designs, tiny polka dots, decorated tap and charming pipe designs. 3 dimensional images of a cross between cheese chunks and dice, with a grid as the background (they got their calculations right!) are a pleasant cacophonous mix that will easily catch your attention and arouse curiousity in a healthy and creative way. The textile designers indeed have a good sense of humour!

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