Sunday, 14 February 2010

Lufodo Academy... Olu, Joke Jacobs bring dreams to public space

The world economy is currently focussing greater attention on the creative industries as vital contributors to national economies. The Performing Arts, especially cinema, are indeed enjoying time in the sun.
This probably is a good template for the dreams of the famous theatre couple, Olu and Joke Jacobs who all these years have been concerned about the need to fully professsionalise the enterprise of theatrical activities.
Last week Wednesday, at its office at 3B Isiola Oyekan Street, Victoria Island, the LUFODO Academy of Performing Arts (LAPA) was formally presented to the public. The core objective of of the institute, according to the director, Joke Jacobs (known in the art sector as Joke Silva) is to train and increase quality of talents available for radio, stage, TV and film production. The dream, she said, is to produce artistes of international quality and ratings.
Chairman of the institute, Olu Jacobs said LAPA is a institution designed to respond to the critical problems that have impeded development of the film industry in the country. Particularly at a time when the international cinema circuit seems interested in what is going on in Nigeria, the Nollywood veteran actor said, “Since the government has refused to recognise the contribution of the Nigerian creative industries, film sector in particular; and the higher institutions are not reacting to the progress either, this institute has taken it as a challenge to raise the standard of the performing arts in respect to film, TV and radio in Nigeria”.
At the presentation graced by Mr Femi Odugbemi (Ms Tobi , a member of the board as well as members of the faculty and students of the institute, two pioneer graduates gave a hint of the quality of products of the Academy in a drama skit titled, The Northerners.

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