Saturday, 6 February 2010

Funmi Iyanda steps up to the Magic

Funmi in the forest of a thousand hunters,’ that was how a comedian jocularly captured one of the images recorded in the course of the current enterprise of the popular talk-show host, Funmi Iyanda. The image was that of Funmi posing for a shot with a hunter somewhere in the deep of the forest of a town in the South West. And when the mischievous comic head saw another shot of the TV presenter with an old woman sitting beside what appears some cooking utensils, he exclaimed “ha, this is Funmi showing her hidden skill at akara selling’. On another, where the TV girl was on a soccer pitch, he said, ‘whoosh, here is Funmi the captain of Mama Eagles!!!’. Incidentally, here was Funmi engaging the soccer-loving Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde raji Fashola on a pitch.
There was, however, no stopping the fellow and his leaky mouth.

Comic as the Actor’s interpretation of those shots were, he was only capturing the essences of the new TV programme, Talk With Funmi, which debuts on DSTV’s prime channel, Africa Magic today at 7pm.
Ms Iyanda, who has made a tremendous impact as talkshow host, for over a decade with her New Dawn With Funmi Iyanda on national television, has stepped up her deal on the tube. Her new programme is designed to capture ordinary people in conversations around the country. “It is a thought provoking, illuminating and entertaining journey into the life of Nigerians from all over the country”, said some observers who had seen parts of the new show.

Produced by Ignite Media production, the show talks to people everywhere, from ordinary citizens going about their business to celebrities in unusual but natural settings. Another observer, offered that though it is largely recorded around Nigeria, it will easily appeal to audiences around Africa.
“It takes the viewers through discussions that range from the hard hitting stories of the day to the every day challenges of Nigerian life with some light-hearted banter and fun along the way.
It has been shot and produced to international broadcast standards on high definition video, from a production team led by UK based award-winning director Chris Dada. The result is groundbreaking and innovative television that is an artistic blnd of documentary, reality television and talk show.

Speaking about her inspiration for the show, Funmi said, “I wanted to create a platform where authentic Nigerian stories told by Nigerians could be heard. Nobody can tell our stories the way we can. We need to be ourselves, and tell our stories with with honesty, creative artistry, intelligence and humour.”
And for her, Nigeria’s move towards its 50th independence anniversary is the perfect opportunity to capture vibrant Nigerian stories and engage the people in transformative conversations — conversations that could ignite meaningful change.

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  1. Kudos to Miss Funmi Iyanda...I completely agree that nobody can tell our stories,the way we would.And ther's the dare need to tell a story of the side that usually does not get publicised...our rich nation,rich cultural diversity,brilliant youth and geniuses...a warm and friendly Nigeria.The negative attention is not doing good to our already'stained' image....It's a concept very close to my heart and a future path I intend to explore as a Nigerian in diaspora...Long Live Nigeria..God help heal our nation and our leaders....Thumbs up Miss Iyanda!