Sunday, 14 February 2010

Rose … The Kiss Of Love

THOSE with passion for gardening will find the garden relevant in expressing emotion of love associated with this popular day, Valentine. And for the gardener that has rose flower in abundance, this is the time to make some quick cash from sales of this beautiful flower.
Flowers have become a staple of Valentine’s Day and with proper planning right from the outset of designing an entire garden that incorporates this fragrant plant, a handcrafted flower arrangement that will brighten the day and serve as gift to a spouse, parent, grandparent or friend can be worked out from it.
Rose is the most outstanding flower that is given on Valentine’s Day or by lovers in general. It is one of the oldest flowers and is regarded as the flower of love and affection since ancient times. This beautiful and regal flower speaks of many eternal love stories. Known for its sensuous scent and fragile petals, rose comes in different colours such as red, purple, pink, white, yellow, orange, peach, deep burgundy, green, black and blue with each colour signifying the colours of a relationship.
For instance, red roses symbolize beauty and strong feeling of love; lilac roses – love at first sight; peach pink rose – gratitude, sympathy, gentleness and friendship; and red and white rose mixed in a bouquet – truth and love, union and harmony or true love.

Growing roses should not be a challenge. It is a matter of growing those that suit the growing conditions applicable to the location of the garden and it is a straight way to having a spectacular rose garden. Also, just like any other form of gardening, the more gardening care and information known for the particular plant, the more successful the venture will be.
Therefore, learning the basics of caring for roses and the rose bushes will pave way for a garden that stands out in the neighbourhood.
Roses can be used in the garden for various purposes ranging from hedges to climbers and ground covers. They also look good in containers. For its overall effect, it is necessary to ensure that their flower or foliage colours work together to bring harmony to the garden.

Roses received during this period can be made to spice up a space and to make it last longer with proper care and handling.
Here are some tips and instructions.
• Cut the stems on a slant instead of making it a straight cut.
•Cut off any leaves that are below the water line.
• A spoonful of sugar added to the water will keep flowers longer as well.
• Top up your vase everyday with water and do not have them near the fire, sunlight or other sources of heat such as television or other electronic equipment that generates heat.
•Remove drying flowers and foliage as they appear.

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