Saturday, 3 October 2009

The Chic’s deal

BY OYINDAMOLA LAWAL SEXY look is not all about how much of your skin is shown, but your best feature. Whatever figure, age, body shape opt for new trends that will make you look great, whilst giving you that sexy feel. Apart from your shapes, complexion or skin, accessories, styles, jewellery, colour, hairstyles and make-up can give you that fabulous look. However, when achieving that sexy look, it is necessary you go for something comfortable.

Basic black: Black is always sexy; it is the richer version of basic. It can provide a chic look with a hint of everything from romance to business. Its modest appeal of the past has undergone a transformation into a fascinating presence of must have. It is one colour that makes its appearance in every designer’s collection every season. And it is always there to dazzle the onlooker. Nigerian actress, musician and presenter Dakore Egbuson memorably recently appeared irresistibly in a black and white shirtdress with trendy yellow peep-toe shoe and earring.

Little black dress: In recent times, little black dress (LBD) has been considered as one of the sexiest outfits that stand a lady out in any outfit. It can be worn for just about anything. LBD is a staple in many women’s closets. It can be dressed up to look sexy and chic or left plain for a more casual affair. Sexy outfits like the little black dress might be one of the most versatile items you will own. Opt for LBD in stunning styles.

Red hot: Red creates attraction and excitement. Go for a short Little Red Dress (LRD), and complement the look with a sexy pair of opaque tights. This will naturally portray an image of excitement, energy, enthusiasm and confidence. It also suggests an erotic feeling. The colour is often associated with vitality and ambition, love and passion. LRD or mini red skirt will make you the centre of attention at any event.

Small details: A great-fitting jacket can be the perfect complement to any outfit. Look for one with a cinched waist to show off your figure and to make your waistline look slimmer.

Creating a sexy look: Creating sexy outfits is easy if you have the right elements. Firstly, you need some outfits in your closet that you can put on to feel sexy. Pair a blouse that skims your curves with a great fitting pair of jeans to look sexy. It’s all about wearing what looks good on you and feeling good in the process.

Show some leg; For those that have sexy legs, it is high time you flaunted them. Sometimes not revealing a lot is sexier than showing off a lot of skin. A lovely knee-length dress can leave you wanting to see more.

Outfits that look sexy: Whether you are wearing a sexy dress, sheer blouse, tight or a revealing jumpsuit, wearing sexy outfits requires confidence. Strut your stuff in anything you feel comfortable in and let others know your feeling in your appearance. Being confident is one of the sexiest things about a woman!

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