Saturday, 3 October 2009

Talking water

By Chiemerem Umenne
All too often, consumers assume that any bottled or packaged water is good enough and meets international standards. However, at a recent awareness workshop organized by experts from Enagic-Kangen, a Japanese Institute, simply changing the water you drink, wash and prepare your foods with, will bring your body closer to the pH balance that is needed for good health.
(Acidic water is one with a hydrogen ion potential (pH) of less than 7. Measured on a scale from zero to 14, 7 represent neutral, where the water is neither alkaline nor acidic. Zero through 7 indicates acidity and 7 through 14 indicates increased alkalinity).
Owing to the fact that the body needs over 80 per cent of good water to function effectively so as to prevent diseases, the experts say ionized or alkaline water is purer than universally accepted table water.
The Kangen Ionizing Company Representatives from the US sampled a number of local water products and beverages to test with the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) meter to ascertain their alkaline and acid level and it was discovered that virtually all the table water and beverages, hitherto believed to be safe, are highly acidic with a pH between 3 to 5.4 which reads ‘highly positive (acidic)’ in ORP meter. Home water sources have been known to have a pH level of less than 5.5, (acidic) which many water treatment solutions will not guarantee.
The intake of acidic water along with acidic foods in modern diets cause the body to work overtime to maintain the blood pH within the healthy range. And to do so, the body will take alkaline substances from body parts such as bone. However, by drinking alkaline water, a person is able to reduce the intake of acids and increase the availability of alkaline minerals, helping the body regulate its pH in a healthier way.
Kangen representative, Jon Swardstrom, says drinking four to six glasses of alkaline water per day will help neutralize over-acidity and will restore buffering ability in the body after a while. Like vitamins C, E and beta carotene, alkaline water acts as an antioxidant because of its excess supply of free electrons which help the body against the development of heart diseases, strokes, immune dysfunction and other common ailment.
Major reasons to drink restructured or ionized water include balancing body pH, increasing blood oxygenation, increasing hydration, and neutralizing free radicals. Some lifestyle factors increase the acid load on our bodies such as physical and mental stress, thereby reducing oxygenation and blood flow with increased muscle tension.
Strong emotions like anger, fear, hostility or even excitement produce adrenaline surges, frequent airplane travel with cabin air. Symptoms of this are weight gain, headaches, muscle aches, depression, memory loss, fatigue, and chronic infection.
Two options exist in producing alkaline water at home; a kangen water ionizer/machine can break up the usual water molecules (electrolysis) and secondly, alkaline pH drops are added to tap water to reverse osmosis water or bottle water to raise the water’s alkalinity up to pH 9.5.
Dominick Chukwueke Ogazi, Kangen Nigeria representative, affirmed that should one drink pure-alkaline water, it would not only absorb more effectively by one’s cells, but its antioxidant powers could stop or even reverse degenerative diseases like cancer or arthritis and chronic diseases as allergies and acne.
Moreover, he stated that it eventually flushes toxins built up in the body, thus balancing body pH to a slightly healthy alkaline range. He explained that it helps increase body’s energy level. According to him, most bacteria, fungi, yeast and all the diseases causing microbes (micro- organisms) love acid environment and not one of them can survive in alkaline corridors.
He opined that reviewed scientific studies conducted in respected universities and hospitals around the world revealed that restructured/alkaline water releases excess body fat and stored toxins, and normalizes body sugar and insulin.
It was revealed that it supports healthy colon function, resolves urinary tract infections, and stops abnormal gastro-intestinal status.

Shallots (Good for sound respiratory system)
(Food value)
SHALLOTS are shaped like small bulb onions with one flat side. When peeled, they separate into multiple cloves, similar to garlic. They have a mild, yet rich and complex flavour. They contain all vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The most abundant of the trace element is the sulphur, which forms part of the shallots volatile essence.
The volatile oil is used as flavouring or seasoning agents; they are the basis of many classics sauces and meat preparation. They can also be sautéed or baked. Therapeutic properties include the alleviation of discomfort stomach, and as an anthelmintic (An agent destructive to gastro-intestinal tract parasites), antidiarrhoeal (An agent effective in combating diarrhoea), expectorant, antitussive (Relieving or preventing coughing) and diuretic agents (Increasing the secretion of urine).
Shallots are used in many international cuisines. When buying shallot, seek out the firmest, evenly shaped bulbs.
Healing power
Prevents respiratory disorder: The sulfur compound that form the shallots essential oil help facilitates the expectoration of bronchial mucus and breaks down heavy mucus in this way helps in the prevention of respiratory system disorder.
Prevents cancer (stomach and colon cancer): The sulphur compounds, which give shallots their pungent flavour have been subject to recent studies, which suggest that these substances may be potent inhibitors of the cancer initiation process, especially for colorectal and stomach cancers
Maintains a healthy heart and prevents arteriosclerosis: The flavonoids (non nutritive substance) improve blood circulation, prevent blood clot and block the oxidation of low density lipoprotein (a type of fat in the blood) that causes arteriosclerosis (narrowing / blocking of the artery walls due to fat and cholesterol deposit) and heart problem.
Prevents kidney disorders: Shallots consumption increases the urine volume (diuretic), facilitate the elimination of waste material because of their alkalinizing effects which neutralize acids. They are therefore recommended in cases of renal disorders (kidney stones), which is caused by accumulation of oxalic acid.

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