Monday, 19 October 2009

Trim n’ Firm

By Kikelola Oyebola
Some people believe that the best way to firm up a flabby body is probably by losing weight, but this is not entirely right. Losing weight may not necessarily result in the firmness of the body. For instance, there are slim people who, all the same, don’t have firm bodies. The best course to take in the matter is to exercise the body appropriately to achieve desired result.
If the wherewithals is there, the best bet is to go to a gym although it is possible to also undertake effective exercise at home. The advantages of patronising the gym include having access to a wider range of facilities and professional instructors to put one through.
Also, seeing others undertaking different types of exercises encourages and strengthens the resolve to succeed. These facilities include machines for both the light and heavy weights to build up or tone the body.
Looking trim and firm not only give a sense of goodness but also makes the body feel light and well groomed.
At the gym and depending on his/her case, a prospective client is given a programme of exercise for the upper and lower parts of the body. The programme is designed to work on different muscle parts of the body.
But this is not the only determinant of success of the programme; the type of body also matters. For instance, some people tend to burn off fat easily and quickly after undertaking appropriate exercises while this is not the case with others.

Why bother to look trim and firm? Of course, you end up looking smart, fit and healthy. And because the exercises are directed at the muscles and beyond, the heart too gets to benefit in the process. Too much fat affects the heart and its working condition.
People with weak or malfunctioning hearts can be recognised easily. They become weak and tired quickly after a little exertion. But, working out at home or in the gym helps to eliminate this so that the individual doesn’t get exhausted easily after a little exertion.

Some other ways to work out and firm up at home include jogging, walking briskly, skipping rope etc. In addition, lifting weights also come handy. At home and with 3kg or 5kg weights, it is possible to work on and firm different parts pf the body including the arms, shoulders, chest, buttocks, thighs, etc.
The best and fastest way to stay trim and healthy though still remains through proper exercising, which is recommended by even the professionals. With this, there is little or no side effects so long it is done properly and instructions are followed strictly in the case of elaborate or complicated exercises.
As soon as exercise is made a part of the daily routine, it becomes so easy and less tedious. With time, it even becomes a necessity.

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