Saturday, 3 October 2009

Sunnyside Up

By Kikelola Oyebola
How to go about having a great day? Just spring up from the bed the moment you awake at the intended time. It is better this way because the temptation to go back to sleep is real if the right efforts are not made and the enthusiasm for the day may start to wane.
After the usual personal routine, the excitement for the new day can be sustained by undertaking some exercises to pep the body and gear up the system for the day ahead. Some appropriate activities include aerobics, press-ups, tread milling and rope-skipping among others. It is compulsory to engage in any choice and suitable exercise for at least 30 minutes before proceeding to the next stage, which is eating a wholesome and healthy breakfast. The benefits of exercising first thing in the morning are many. First, even if the individual hasn’t the time to exercise later in the day, this aspect has already been taken care of. Again, metabolism is aided with an early-morning exercise so that even if the exerciser’s job entails sitting down in one spot, he/she is still burning calories and this continues all through the day. Indeed, morning exercisers record more success in their bid to shed weight and be in top shape than the evening exercisers and this is why it is also recommended that a serious exerciser starts the day with a dose of the sweaty stuff. With morning exercise, the mind is kept alert, focused and clarified enabling the exerciser to perform better at work. He/she also concentrates more and this makes for higher productivity. It is greatly rewarding if a meditation session is included in the early morning package as this not only gives focus, but also instill peace, calm and stability to the individual so that the day’s goal is achieved faster and better. This can take any shape as desired by the individual. And it can be inserted anywhere in the package depending on preference. It is equally compulsory to eat a hearty breakfast, which can comprise cereal, bread, fruit juice (freshly squeezed in the home), boiled egg (optional), any beverage of choice and good spread. The alternative is to go for the local but equally nutritious breakfast such as taking pap with moimoi or bean balls (akara) with milk if preferred. A good breakfast supplies required energy and is really needed by the body for the day’s activities and even if lunch is missed, the body still receives enough to keep it functioning well. Of course, the right frame of mind is an added advantage. It is always good to start the day on a positive and optimistic note as the spirit soars high and is assured of success in the day’s undertakings. With lots of smiles for everyone, it will be a sunny day indeed. Swinging This is an exciting activity that has much to offer by way of fun and exercise. And though it may seem like leisure but in actual fact, it gives a lot. And what’s more? The two participants (the pusher and the person being pushed, if this is preferred) stand to benefit from the exercise because in a way, the two are exercising at the same time. The activity aids blood circulation and also helps breathing. The person who is swinging is forced to breathe deeper and thus get relaxed in the process. The feeling of light-headedness, which is experienced while undertaking this activity, is good for those who have heads for height. It also strengthens the arms and back muscles. The shoulders are not left out as the muscles around here are positively affected. One good thing about this sport is that it is easy to install a swing in the home and it is cheap too. The facility can be fixed anywhere in the home—in the garden or just any spacious place will do. Right Gear It is important to dress appropriately when undertaking exercises. Non-observance of this crucial aspect is capable of hindering optimum performance as well as the wellbeing of the exerciser. It is not just any set of clothes that can be worn during exercise. Indeed, the right kit, comprising shoes, suitable wear and headgear where necessary, cannot be done without for an effective exercise session. So, the exercise suit has to be loose, smart and of the right size. The fabric should also be absorbent and cooling to the body. On their part, shoes have to be comfortable, low-heeled and flexible to accommodate and cushion the effect of high impact as the exercise session progresses. This becomes even more so if the activity being undertaken is walking, running or jogging. In all this, what is of essence is that air should be able to circulate around the exercise suit and so cool the body and at the same time absorb the much sweating that is likely to come in the process while not hindering the performance of the exerciser.

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