Monday, 14 December 2009

As we approach the end

WELL, I would like to apologise for the absence of this column for sometime now… well, as I said… This year began with great elation, especially in the black community over the inauguration of PBO, a man with African descent as the president of America.
Then came the reports of economic recession, the death of the rare gem Michael Jackson, our own hero Gani Fawehinmi, the Boko Haram crisis including our personal brouhaha.
It appears as if these events happened yesterday and now, alongside with the earth, we are gradually revolving to the end of the ninth year in the 21st century.
December is here again; schools are rounding off; workers are going on their yearly vacation; shops are ready for their season’s sales, companies and organizations are planning towards their end of year party; families are preparing for the celebration and a host of other are planning to travel or move to a new location.
This season brings along with it; stress, anxiety and their close counterpart, depression.
Once these creep into one, it robs them of the joy of this once-in-a-year event.
In fact, satisfaction in this season revolves around money and we all know what finances can do to health and relationships.
There are a few DIY tips that will guarantee supreme enjoyment and prevent the month 0of December from dismember-ing you.

Plan: This is not an ordinary period so do not the tide of sales and rushing sweep you off your feet. Plan ahead till the end of the season. Have a budget. Put the extra expenses (traveling, entertaining guests, decorating then house e.t.c) in consideration. 0therwise the debts or budget deficit you will face in the first few months of next year can make you lose your peace of mind.

Cut your coat; Cut your coat according to what you have, not what you want. What you know is not accomplishable, don’t lose sleep over it. I remember drafting a budget of over N40,000 for something very important but all I could gather home and abroad was not up to a quarter of it. Wetin man go do? Nobody will have my head over it. Life goes on. Worrying over it in addition to the tension in the air will make matters worse.

Make up
Mend broken relationships. Who are those you have not spoken to for months? Call them up and wish them season’s greetings.

Have some ‘me’ time
With the stress of the holidays, take time off for yourself. Attend to your body; exercise, rest, sleep. Don’t ration them, otherwise you will pay for them later.
Finally, wrap it up with gratitude. There are a lot of things to be grateful for. One is the fact that you are able to read this piece!
Can I be the first to wish you Merry Xmas and New Year in advance?

And so I went for an awards show!

(Strictly for the young)
LET’S get real and honest; this was not the first awards ceremony I had attended! Between the Future Awards and HipHop World Awards, I had pretty much attended a few, and between the Grammies, Emmies and others, seen even more than been!
And I had written a few articles and commentaries about awards in general, asking such wise questions like how short a dress can you get away with at an awards ceremony if you are not performing or nominated?
So what was so new about this one?

IT was not that I had been nominated although that kind of made it really cool! You know when you go for an event where you have been invited but hey, if you didn’t show up, no one would have shed a tear? Well, when you are a nominee, you tend to feel like you are needed...wanted...or at least, not going to be bounced!
So there I was at the Best of Nollywood Awards. I had made myself promise myself to be calm, cool, and elegant. Then I saw Fabian Lojede who plays (played) Bola Abayomi in Jacob’s Cross. Then I screamed and ran across the red carpet to get an autograph. (Nearly got a restraining order instead). And then I realised not even a dress was going to make less stars-truck!
The Best of Nollywood Awards held on Sunday in Ikeja, and contrary to Seun Oloketuyi’s fears that people would be too busy on that Sunday to show up (what will all the other events on the day), it was well-attended and star studded... Nollywood style!
From the stars of Yollywood (the Yoruba movie industry), to the stars of the small screen, to those who have more fans than movies, (in Nigeria, it is sometimes neck and neck), and those who have critical and twitter acclaim (shout out Omoni Oboli!)
Crazy (sorry, read as ‘special’) Denrele was on the red carpet interviewing Yinka Quadri, Mercy Johnson, Funke Akindele, Kehinde Bankole, Gbenga Adeyinka (the 1st, whose cousin Femi Adeyinka has two fabulous singles out at the moment), Freeze and more!
Uti and Gbenro Ajibade (who plays Soji on Tinsel) get a special mention for looking truly dapper!
Congratulations to all the big winners on the night including Akindele for Best Indigenous Actress, Ramsey Nouah for Best English Actor, Kehinde Bankole for Revelation of the Year (female), Mercy Johnson (Supporting Actress of the Year) and Denrele Edun (Television Presenter of the Year).
Speaking of winners! My family keeps getting bigger! My (cough) brother Kevin Pam just won Big Brother Africa Revolution, or as we now call it, the Kevolution!
Okay fine! He is not my brother, but you know what, the way we all felt that night when his name was mentioned was like we were family!
And when I say ‘we’, I mean on twitter, facebook, at viewing centres, and even events!!!
About time a Nigerian won Big Brother Africa, and an interesting personality indeed!

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