Monday, 14 December 2009


AN invitation to a special Christmas or New Year’s Eve party can strike fear in the hearts of most fashion-conscious women. However, finding the perfect outfit should not cause a grown womanheartache.
When choosing attire for a party try to pick something you will feel comfortable in, something that will get you compliments for your taste in colour, style or fabric.
CHARLES OKOLO, who was at the last Nigeria Fashion Week, captures some designs that could make good Yuletide outing.
But watchout to avoid these big mistakes that women make:
• Trying to impress with the latest style even if the style is not meant for someone their age/body shape/personality — they often succeed only in looking foolish or as if they are desperately clinging to their youth.

• Overkill — wearing all of your jewelry at once or wearing your lowest-cut dress with your nosebleed-high heels.

• Dressing too sexy to be appropriate for the occasion — office holiday parties are not the place to try out that plunging neckline or up-to-here skirt.

• Making no effort at all — wearing picnic casual to a black and white New Year’s Eve ball.

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