Monday, 14 December 2009



Want To See Ali Baba?...
LOG on to Facebook. This is a vital information, especially for those who are eager to establish a rapport with the King of Nigerian comedy, Ali Baba. The first place Ali Baba visits in the morning is Facebook site. As early as 7.30am, the comedian is already logged in. One is beginning to ponder the special attraction Ali has for Facebook, abi na dia im dey get im jokes? You never can tell because if a grown up like Ali wakes up in the morning, had hardly washed his face and the next thing is Facebook!!! There must be more to it, we will surely get to the root of the matter, soon. However, you all now know where to get Ali... just in case he is not taking his calls. As for upcoming comedians, please go to bed with your laptops’ Internet permanently logged on to Facebook. You never can tell, you may become the Prince of Comedy later. Na advice o.

Segun Arinze’s AGN On Fire As K.O.K Fights Back
JUST as T4T predicted, there is a raging storm in the Actors Guild of Nigeria kingdom. K.O.K, the ‘interim president’ that the Board of Trustees asked to step aside for Segun Arinze to rule, has decided to reclaim his ‘mandate’. His argument was that he was given a year to rule and organise an election, so how come he is being asked to step aside after just three months? He allegedly took some touts -- who call themselves actors -- to invade the AGN secretariat set up by former president Ejike Asiegbu and sacked everybody there (in a motor park style). As you read this, K.O.K’s goons are probably standing guard at the secretariat with heavy biceps and chests like billboards. Arinze, according to reports, has again run to the almighty Board of Trustees for cover. The funny part is that K.O.K, according to the source, said he is now the B.O.T chairman while he appointed actor Emeka Ike as AGN president. You will be given real time update as events unfold. This is an unending Nollywood modern epic film.

Jude Orhorha, Congrats!
COMEDY actor Jude Orhorha deserves a big applause. Why? He heeded the voice of reasoning and perhaps went back to his gym. The result was a near slim Jude last week. T4T nearly did not recognise the Urhobo-born actor as he walked into O’jez. He was looking very healthy. Recall T4T warned some months ago that the way Jude was going with fat, he would soon require some form of support to walk about on set of movies. Then, Jude was looking like an over-stuffed Teddy Bear. But thank God, a good friend who may have read the T4T warning, advised him, and the result was what one saw last week. Congrats Jude!

Leo Mezie Hits It Big
NOLLYWOOD star Leo Mezie is one person I respect. He is truly a hustler. As you read this, Leo and about seven Nollywood stars would be on their way back to Lagos from Abia State where they went since on Thursday to pay a courtesy call on the Governor. Leo was the mastermind. He was sighted at O‘jez distributing the flight tickets to the stars who were all smiles. Who won’t smile? We all know what a visit to a serving Governor in Nigeria means, and for Leo the mastermind, is surely made. Well, bros Leo, please remember some of us when you get to ‘paradise’ o.

Help, Kidnappers Are Looking For Victor Osuagwu!
THIS is not a panic alert. Kidnappers may have set a ransom prize for Nollywood comedy star Victor Osuagwu. Nkem Owoh indeed confirmed this worrisome news after his about-a-week ordeal in the hands of these professional kidnappers. He ran into Osuagwu at the local wing of the Murtala Muhammed Airport and told Victor how the kidnappers were jokingly asking for his ‘brother’ that calls himself ‘man na mumu’. Nkem is also a comedy actor, so the ‘brother’ reference is quite understandable.
Owoh then warned Victor to stay clear of the eastern part of the country this Xmas period or anytime in the future. Well, if Nkem Owoh had read this column last week, he would have known that Victor is one step ahead of the kidnappers. He had brought his aged mother to Lagos over a month ago and all his relations (that are ‘kidnappable’) are no longer in the flash point.
Victor is having the last laugh now.

Kefee Sef Don Hamma... Hits A Murano
THIS is the best of times for Nigerian artistes, a period that has seen them launch exotic cars. I told you of the twin Hummer jeeps by the duo of KC Presh recently, fine; gospel singer Kefee is the latest entrant into the world of big car owners.She recently acquired a Murano SUV, following in the footsteps of her big aunty in the showbiz world, Agatha Amata. But wait o, Kefee fit see front if na she go drive the Murano? Na question I ask o. Anyway, close associates claim she bought the multi million naira car just to let the world know that it is her time to shine once more; after a bitter divorce with her producer-husband, Alec, which saw her losing her Mitsubishi Montero SUV to him. Shine on sis, and just like I called KC Presh ‘bros’ (because wen small pikin hamma, even senior dey call am bros), I will call you ‘aunty’. But try remember us o.

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