Monday, 7 December 2009

Yuletide calls

AS the Yuletide approaches, many ladies will be pre-occupied with the thoughts of what to wear — shoes, accessories, outfits, and jewellery, among others, that will make fashion statement.
Dressing and being classy is all about exuding confidence that sticks out in the apparel. From the retro prints of the 70s to Roman goddess togas; the dazzling metallic to exotic floral prints and sash, colours such as lime green and pretty corals, in the last few months, the runway has seen a whole range of designs that will rock 2010.

What to wear during Yuletide
As you shop for those classic, timeless, elegant and gracious fabrics to wear for the season’s outing, adding some romance to your look will not be a bad idea; try on sleeveless dress that has sash at waist.
Also, you can shop for garments and accessories for the season and beyond; go for outfits that complement your shape, beauty, appearance and complexion.
When shopping, it is best to choose clothes that flatter your body shape. You should buy clothes that look great on you; do not compromise on this as you’ll be the better dressed for it.
Your clothes need to swathe over your figure and flatter them. They shouldn’t just drop down your shoulders in shapeless manner. Opt for fitted and tailored garments because those are what look absolutely stunning.

Shoes and Bags
These accessories can either literally make or break an outfit, investing in a pair of shoes and bag for everyday wear will update your outfit, it also says a bit about who you are. A big bag looks great; moreso, you can have a lot of items in it. It looks timeless, elegant and fashionable. For shoes, opt for high-heeled pumps, wedges, ballet flats, loafers and brogues.

When choosing makeup that will enhance your beauty, either foundation, powder blusher, bronzer, eye shades, eye pencils, mascara, eye liner, concealer to mention a few, go for one that suits your skin and is appropriately coloured.
For everyday, use mineral makeup that will give you a lovely, fresh glowing look that will look radiant and appear as if you are not wearing any makeup at all. It will not sit on your skin, but will be feather light and you will not even feel it at all.
Most importantly, you are beautiful so, start walking with elegance and grace. Be confident yet not cocky; be gracious, and you will exuberate that aura of classiness. Do not slouch when sitting down; make sure you sit up with your back straight.


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