Monday, 14 December 2009

Off The Cold

By Kikelola Oyebola
Once again, the harmattan is here. And as is usual, it has come with its accompanying problems. Much as it is welcome by many people, on account of the soothing coolness and the general breezy feeling in the air, it can be quite a ‘trying’ period if not well-handled especially after the coldness has fully descended.
If one is well-equipped with the necessary things, however, the season can be turned into a more enjoyable one. With proper dressing and the right exercises, it is actually possible to have a swell time during this harmattan.
One of the problems that are likely to be encountered now is getting up from bed early in the morning because this is the time the cold peaks. The best way to tackle this is to get up and rise briskly from the bed as soon as one is awake. To lie still on the bed poses a ‘danger‘ as the tendency is to snuggle down again on the bed and go back to sleep.
Taking a warm bath should follow although it is advised that a cold bath is to be preferred as this ensures that the cold is ‘conquered’ for the day if one is able to muster the courage for it. Not everyone is able to do this, however, so a warm bath should be opted for if cold water is found unbearable.
Warm clothing that is suitable for the weather, which are equally capable of keeping the cold away should be worn.

Of no less importance are appropriate exercises, which have the capacity to shake off the harmattan cold and keep the body warm all day long. These include warm-ups, aerobics and other ‘warming’ exercises such as jogging, brisk walking round the neighbourhood, rope skipping, etc.
Note that it is better if individuals go for convenient exercises suitable for their needs and circumstances. So, a person who is unable to jog or walk briskly round the neighbourhood due to lack of space for instance, has a good option in undertaking aerobics in his/her home. Skipping the rope is another good option. In addition, there are many other warm-up exercises that can be done under one’s roof without having to step out at all.
People with staircases in their homes stand to benefit from them. They can climb the staircases thereby keeping the bones warm and perky at this period.
Apart from the above-mentioned exercises, there are also cycling, biking and other relevant sports that can be undertaken. While some of these can be done in the morning at the start of the day, others are suitable for later in the day or in the evenings.
Whichever is your option, just be on the move to shake off the harmattan cold and keep warm.

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