Monday, 27 April 2009

For me, tank top does it...

POPULARLY called Dr Pat, Patrick Nwokolo, an artiste, has a unique dressence. The native of Orumba, Anambra State, was born and bred in Abeokuta, where he had his primary and secondary education. He later went to the United States, where he studied Engineering at the Genersy College. Pat and his partner, Sheyman, recently released their album, Hotter than fire, a collaborative venture. He tells DAMILOLA ADEKOYA what fashion means to him.

Definition of fashion
Fashion is beauty, a glamourising part of oneself. It’s one thing that adds to one’s beauty.
Position in the family
I’m the third in the family of six children. My mum is a medical doctor, and she is practising in the US, while my father is a judo coach
Music and you
It’s what I have passion for. In fact, I was born with it.
Style of dressing
It depends on the occasion. I’m very flexible with styles. Basically, it’s a tank top, a short, my palm slippers, my Jordan scarf and my skull belt; not forgetting my jewelries.
Most favourite piece of clothing
That’s my Jordan scarf; and especially, my belt.
Most expensive item
My chain and my wristwatch, it really cost a whole lot!
Most cherished possession
It is the gift of humility, that God has given me. I pray to God to help me maintain that gift because it goes a long way to help situate me.
What will you not be caught wearing?
A skirt!
Signature scents
Armani Code by Armani
Favourite designer
It’s Academy, he’s a foreign designer, based in L. A.
Turn on
When everything around me goes in a positive way, then I feel happy inside of me.
Turn off
I hate liars and people who are no trustworthy.
What do you do at your leisure time?
I play pool or I crack jokes or better still, I hang out with my friends. I go swimming sometimes.
Happiest moments
It was the time I realised that I could write a good song, and everybody will reckon with it.
Embarrassing moments
I was with my friends and we were cracking jokes and there was this girl who was sitting in a corner. She was looking at me and she was smiling and I asked what was wrong and reluctantly, she told me to zip my trousers up. I was really ashamed.
It’s just yam and egg.
Favourite colour (s)
I like black it goes with anything. I like white because it shows how neat one can be. I also love blue but it’s basically black and white.
If you were given an opportunity to change something in Nigeria, what would it be?
It will be the corporate aspect of the music industry. It’s been corrupt. They should give way to newfound acts, to showcase their talents.
Describe yourself in three words
I’m humble, understandable and definitely, hardworking.
Role model(s)
It’s Tu Pac, Bob Marley, Dr Dre and the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti. I just follow the musical spirit in them, that’s all.
Projection into the future
I see myself as one of the greatest musicians in Africa. I see myself as one of those, who will make a difference in the Nigerian music industry.
Philosophy of life
What goes around comes around. What you do today will definitely come back to you.

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