Monday, 20 April 2009

Rebirthing the land... ...Ade Bakare’s way


Ade Bakare though British born, is always proud of his roots and cultural heritage which is usually reflected in the lovely designs he has produced over the years since he launched his label in 1991. Recently at the new Federal Palace Hotel, he showed his Spring/Summer couture collection “Nigerian Renaissance” gracefully modelled by local and international models to a crowd of high net-worth dignitaries, glamouristas, celebs, beautiful people of Lagos and the press.
The event also showcased the designs of 10 finalists of the Young Designers Creative Competition, which Bakare set up as part of identifying and encouraging emerging talents in Nigeria.
The competition saw a huge number of entries from all over Nigeria and 10 finalists with the best five fashion illustrations, design ideas and fabric swatches for day and evening wear, had two of their designs on the runway that evening. Chisom Ogundu emerged the winner of the competition and took home a cash prize and other goodies.

The ‘Nigeria Renaissance’ collection was inspired by the richness of our culture and textiles -- Adire and batik from the South, rich and detailed embroidery from the North and dramatic ‘puffed’ sleeves from the East.
The collection was a labour of love for sixmonths. Silks were flown in from London dyed in Abeokuta, taken to London for the construction and back to Lagos for the show.
The richness, diversity, warmth, energy/vibrancy synonymous with our beloved country were brought to the fore in the way of bright yellows, rich greens, warm burgundies, rich purples and pinks.

Nigeria renaissance is so apt for the current national project of looking inward and appreciating what is ours.

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