Monday, 6 April 2009

Phunk Touch



FUNKE Ogunde, the brain behind Phunk Afrique, an outfit that specialises in ladies designs, is, no doubts, the rave of the moment when it comes to alluring designs.
For the lady, who draws her inspiration from the woman’s body, Ogunde opts to make a statement with her designs on the feminine contour.
According to her, “ our motto is ‘we help you get noticed.’ Somebody should at least say to you, “who made your outfit? You might call it vain or shallow, but people will give you audience when you are able to get attention. There is a difference between being a chic and be noticed; and being over the top.”
She adds, “my inspiration comes from a woman’s body. We make to suit the body of the customer, because their bodies bring out the beauty of our design. The things I like about the woman’s body are the waistline and the legs because I do a lot of short dresses when worn with nice shoes will give the woman some kind of classy, chic look. For people with big tummy are equally not left out as we make clothes that will give them a super look.”

THE Igbinedion University Economics graduate, Ogunde is one of the granddaughters of the late veteran filmmaker and dramatist, Hubert Ogunde.
Apart from art and fashion designing running in their family, she picked her passion from her childhood while modeling for her mother, who designs clothes and jewellery.
She says, “apart from my grand-parents, my sister draws and paints. So, I think everyone took a bit of the art, and mine is the fashion designing aspect. We are all into arts and not into medicine or any thing nearer to it. I remember, I used to enjoy cat walking on stage. So designing just came naturally to me”.

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