Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Beachy stuff

BEACH fashion can be tight, short and very form – fitting. Just because you are going to the beach does not mean that you have to dress shabby. Style is fashion.
The bikini is the quintessential piece of fashion accessory that can be found in almost every woman’s wardrobe
A stylish bikini will enhance your looks and appeal and guarantee you make heads turn at the beach! The best way to do that is to choose a bikini that is not only trendy but also suits your figure.
Beach fashion is all about the swimwear — it’s the building block of the rest of your summer look, so, it’s important to find pieces that work well for you.
Shorts are a beach essential. Giving coverage and shielding you from post water chill, they look as great on the beach as they do everywhere else.
They keep you warm out of the water and also keep the sun and wind off you. These are great options for girls who are a little shy to sit on the beach in just their swimwear.
A beach dress is essential! All of choices will look just as good off the beach and are made in fabrics, which are easy to care for.
Fun and Floaty
Feminine floaty keeps one cool with the breeze flowing through them but will also keep the sun off. They have simple casual beachy feel to them.
Totally Terry ?
Terry cloth or towelling just makes a whole lot of sense when it comes to beach fashion! Not only does it look super cute, it will dry you off after you have finished swimming.

Funky Flip Flops
No beach outfit would be complete without the essential flip flops. Flops are available in all kinds of materials and styles today. There are leather ones, which look great for beach wear, as well as for casual wear like women’s sundresses or a polo shirt and Bermuda short combination for men. There are some designs, which have bamboo soles, suede straps, velvet straps, and rubber soles, which have massaging footpads. There are even some styles made with denim or hemp.
Kaftans (or Caftans)
It has emerged as the hippiest and hottest cover-up of the season.
Today’s kaftans (or caftans) can be slim-fitting, figure-hugging and trendy. Now to be found in a variety of lengths, they have chic embellishments, drawstrings, cinched waists, kimono sleeves, and can be found in almost every cut and shape you can imagine. From see-through chiffons to floaty cottons, no longer the diaphanous tents of the past, you can add shape and definition by choosing a style that accentuates your figure rather than drowns it.

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