Monday, 30 March 2009

‘It’s all about my mood’

Immaculate Nnubia (aka The Main Man) is a movie and music producer and director, who before now, directed such TV drama as “The Happiest Family; and A Price to Pay among others. The Theatre Arts graduate and native of Oraifite, Nnewi – South Local Council of Anambra State was involved in Nollywood for a few years before venturing into full time music. He tells CHIOMA PAMELA NDUKA what fashion is to him.

What’s fashion to you?
Fashion is a statement about oneself and how you feel at a particular time. In fact, it’s all about one’s mood for me.
Uniqueness of your style
My style is unique. I am creative and as such, I prefer to tell my designer, what I want and how I want it.
Favourite designer
My tailor is my favourite designer, because he sews to specifics.
Favourite piece of clothing
Casual outfit is the best for me.
Favourite colour
Red is my favourite colour.
Signature scent
I use a lot of scents, but I prefer Erato collections
Most cherished possessions
I love my laptop especially the software in it called “fruitee loops,” which I designed myself.
What would you not be caught wearing?
I can wear any cloth, but G-strings, not for me.
You and chains
I love silver chains, but not the pronounced ones, on my casuals.
How do you relax?
I feel relaxed being in the company of my wife and daughter.
Stylish Icons
I love Lagbaja a lot.
Where is your fun travel spot?
Obudu Cattle Ranch is always where I love to be.
Who’s your role model?
Actually, I have a lot of role models, for instance in the Christian setting, I admire Rev. Chris Okotie; in business, it’s Pat Utomi; in entertainment, it’s Mikky; in marriage – my parents; and generally in life, it’s Jesus Christ.
What do you think about Nollywood?
Nollywood can best be described as a child that has refused to grow up.
What would you like to change in Nigeria, if given the chance?
I would love to change our leadership for better.

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