Monday, 30 March 2009

Exquisitely Madam 9ice

Toni Payne

OLUWASEUN Antonia Payne-Akande is the brain behind the Toni Payne brand, a known name in the international fashion and entertainment scene. The wife of the gongo aso crooner, Abolore Akande, popularly known as 9ice, she is also the founder and publisher of Nigeria Entertainment magazine.
The brand, Toni Payne, was coined from her name, Antonia, while Payne is her maiden name.
The fashion designer and cosmetologist built her reputation early in life and in fact, cultivated her passion for fashion when she was a little girl.
She says, “fashion has always been something I enjoy doing as a little girl. Then, I did not have an idea of what fashion is or what it should be and that made it fun for me.”
She continues, as a designer of repute, “I seldom follow trend. I create most of my designs. Currently, I have a T-shirt line called Toni Payne wearable art and positees. The name is self explanatory.”
The lady says she did not just dabble into cosmetics, she started by working for a company that was in that line.
In her words, “the business started while I was working for a cosmetics manufacturing lab. I started out with just eye shadows and after much research expanded from there. All my mineral cosmetics are hand crafted, so, I can tell you wholeheartedly that I put my all into developing a wonderful product and building a brand to reckon with.”
The US-based beautician says, “Toni Payne is pretty much a lifestyle, hip, fresh, trendy, casual and relaxed magazine. With my makeup, I offer two products for different ways of life — natural and the alternative.”
Managing her career and motherhood is very interesting, says the lady, “my motivation is that my boys are proud of me; and having a husband who is always there for me, helps too.”
The only child of her mother and the first of her father, Akande-Payne says her target audience is “anyone that loves quality products regardless of age or sex.”
For the California State University Video Digital Animation graduate-turned designer, every design has its uniqueness, and they are created to impress and to add quality to life.

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  1. Her cosmetic product is very good. it does not leave that usual caking look on your face. i use her entire mineral make-up from her powder to eyeliner. It is good to stick to a product that is good for your skin. Does she have distributor in Nigeria? I have friends in Abuja asking about her make-up line, they love it on me.
    Lagos, Nigeria