Monday, 23 March 2009


Paul Obazele’s Legends Of Nollywood
I AM wondering aloud, just wondering aloud. The set of Paul Obazele’s Legends of Nollywood, a television programme, is that a proper set or a small room in his apartment wey im for dey interview people so? Na question I ask bcos, dat set wey dem just put one small banner for back so, na wa o o o. And we talk about professionalism at every forum on Nollywood abi?

Basket Mouth Performs ‘Beer Chested’
I AM still at a loss if I actually heard comedian Basket Mouth well on Inspiration FM during the promo of the just held Friday Night Laugh. Did Basket Mouth actually mean “I will perform for the first time bare-chested?” What I heard that period was “I will perform beer-chested”. That was what I heard o o o. Well, the person who produced that promo should be flogged, because even if our bro said ‘beer’ instead of bare, it behove on the producer to make him retake that line till he gets it. Even Dan Forster wey be oyinbo fit talk say im no hear the obvious error for dat piece? Na wa for Inspiration FM sef, as for Basket Mouth, wen peson deh too do sometin, na dat tin de enta in mind and mouth all the time. Naim make ‘bare’ turn to ‘beer’! Na dia I talk reach o o o.

Top Radio’s Dr Flavour
LET’S deviate a little and pay tribute to Top Radio’s presenter Dr. Flavour. The guy is good, very good. But some of his detractors say na melecine im dey take make people dey do wetin im want dem to do for radio. For instance, to dey shout I Love Top Radio. Let me come in defence of Flavour, no be melecine im dey use. The boy is just good that is all. The way he handles radio presentation reminds one of the good old days (before everybody begin talk like Dan Forster). Well, let me join others in shouting, I Love Top Radio... Keep it up if not na the same mouth dem take praise president dem dey take curse am.

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