Tuesday, 17 March 2009

‘For me, it’s the conservative congressman stuff’

Olodun Ade is a bespoke tailor and the chief operating officer of Habana Connoisseur, which specialises in making of suits and shirts. The designer, who is a certified secretary, mass communicator, writer and economist tells DAMILOLA ADEKOYA what fashion means to him.

Definition of fashion 
Fashion is a prevailing style or custom. It is an art. To others, it is almost a religion, but for most people, it is a method of utilising clothing, accessories and hair to show or hide something about you. It announces or interprets language, costume, culture, seasons, moods or times, in which we are.
Style of dressing
The conservative congressman look, with a spark of redefinition.
Signature scents
Narcissimo Rodriguez.... Maybe because I just don’t get it anywhere.
Favourite designers
There is a huge gulf between designers and tailors. But for me, Oswald is not a bad guy, he synergises the two.
Most expensive item
My deluxe three piece ‘Habana Connoisseur’ suit.
What you won’t be caught dead wearing
High collared shirts... They hurt my neck
Turn on
Good sense of humour and intelligence.
Turn off
Favourite food
To be honest, anything fast and balanced.
Favourite colour
Red; it’s the colour of love (bounded by blood). 
What do you do at your leisure time?
I swim to relax.
Favourite spots
My bedroom...
I read and write.
How was growing up like
Growing up for me was fun. I grew up like a Gypsy... exposed to different and intriguing customs, culture and style.
Role model(s)
Segun Adelaja, Ben Bruce, S.O Folahan, Seal, John legend, Doherty Babatunde and Giorgio Armani.
Most cherished moment
It was our first round of sale in London. We were patronised by the elite (West Enders).
Most cherished possessions
My Nigerian passport, Bible and measurement tape. 
Most stylish icon(s)
Barrack Obama, Sarkozy, Frank Edoho, RMD and Putin for now
What inspires is the artistry of a ‘Living Portrait’ strutting in well fitting clothes (which you might experience watching a James Bond movie). People who inspire me are always the collectors (Clients) whose faces shine with satisfaction after detailed scrutiny of their clothes.
How have you been able to manage your careers (designing and writing)?
These has been an effortless blend... Designing is my passion while writing is a rejuvenating hobby for me. These are my expressive part of an artist.
How has life as a bespoke tailor been?
This very interest instills excellence, patience with pro-activity. These are the characters developed.
How has life as a writer been?
Writing to me is like red wine, because it never loses its value after some couple of months or years. You will always have an advanced knowledge of the subject matter to modify or to conform.
Projection into the future?
Increase our ‘ready to wear’ line. Expand over Africa and Europe.
Unfulfilled dream
Being a lawyer; no regrets though.
Latest and next projects
Habana Connoisseur is to exhibit summer collections in Houston, Texas.
Who would you like to work with in the fashion industry?
Giorgio Armani and Oswald Boateng.
Describe yourself in three words
Professional, Godly and conservative.
If you were given an opportunity to change something in Nigeria, what would it be?
In the educational sector, I will reduce to three years from four, the years needed for a first degree of any kind apart from Medicine in our struggling and ailing universities.
Philosophy of life
  There is always a boss... don’t fool yourself, Seek first the Kingdom of God and everything will be added.

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  1. Habana is definitely the designer to watch out for...i've been monitoring his progress and all i can say is that only one thing can limit him....himself.