Monday, 30 March 2009

Francophonie Week in Lagos


EVERY year, for one week, the world vibrates to the sound of the francophone community.
Tagged the Francophonie Week, dozens of activities such as ball game tournament, films, food fair, quiz, scrabble competition, among others, are organised in order to make it possible for both young and adults to come together in a celebration of the French language.
The event actually began in 1995 at the initiative of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. Every year, around March 21, various events are organised simultaneously around the world, to promote cultures of French speaking countries, amongst those who want to learn more about French culture and language.
The Alliance Française, in partnership with the Consulate General of France in Nigeria, the Embassy of Togo, the Consulate General of Republic of Benin, the Embassy of the Republic of Chad, Lycée Français Louis Pasteur and Lagos Accueil Women’s Association, celebrated this year’s event in Lagos.
According to the Deputy Director, Alliance Française, Lagos, Mr. Cazeilles Norbel, this event affords people that are not from Francophone countries, who wish to be part of French culture, to join the cultural reach event by registering with its French training centre in Nigeria.
He said, “Alliance Française are in three major places in Lagos State — Ikoyi, Yaba, Badagary and Ikeja. The French certificate we issue is recognised in 146 countries of the world. We are to promote French culture for companies and business people. This cultural event is done all over the world between 16 and 21 March of every year.”
To him, it has been good and nice since they started. “Nigerians have been of great support to this event. Most of our students are Nigerians, following the fact that French is now second foreign official language in Nigeria. Nigerians are great,” he said.
However, the closing Cocktail — French taste— organised by Lagos Accueil Association and Wine Tasting, offered dance party and live music.

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