Monday, 4 May 2009

‘I’m a casual person... but give me classy cars’

HE is the president of Association of Motorist Clubs of Nigeria. Beyond that appelation, the Akwa Ibom-born Otu Ukpana, is a top model. Over the years, he has modeled for companies such as Glo, MTN, Guiness and Coca-Cola, among others. Hetells DAMILOLA ADEKOYA more about his love for cars and fashion.

Definition of fashion
It’s something within. Fashion is something that tells who you are.
Style of Fashion
I’m a casual person. I love wearing jeans a lot.
Favourite piece of clothing
Body fitted tops. I love to flaunt what I have.
Most expensive item
It depends on what you define as expensive. I’m the president of the motorist club, also, I’m a collector and I have range of classy cars, which I could describe as priceless, though they may mean nothing to you. For instance, I have a 1970 Rover (2002); in the world, only 31 pieces of it were ever produced. So, it’s extremely rare, for me; it’s priceless to me, but for you, it could be a piece of junk.
Favourite designer
It’s Alvins. His designs are a bit crazy and I love them.
Favourite signature
Manny Gold.
Most cherish possession
My cars.
Turn on
Cars. I love cars; I can borrow money to get a car. I have five cars and I still want more
Turn off
Playing smart on me.
Memorable moment
It was when my twin brother was ordained a priest in Rome.
Most embarrassing moment
I can’t really think of any because I watch what I do.
Growing up
It was fun and challenging. I’m from a family of seven children, among whom is my twin brother, who is a Catholic priest, while I’m a model, but that doesn’t make me a devil.
Journey into modeling
I will be 11 years in full time modeling by August 15. I was discovered by Modela in 1998, for I never in my widest dream thought of becoming a model. I’m a seaman by profession; I finished from the Maritime Academy of Nigeria and worked in board ship for two years, but because of the nature of the job and Nigeria not having enough ships, l left for modeling. Two days after I joined modeling, I was short listed to shoot a job for Guiness, so, Guiness was my very first job and since then it’s been fine.
Apart from the glamour, I have a good body that can attract people. But basically, the glamour inspires me a lot.
Most paid job
I can’t really think of any, but I have done several modeling jobs. I have gone into endorsement, which ran for a period of time and I was paid some good money. But I have modeled for Glo, MTN and Coca-Cola billboards, among others. I’m also a photographer and at the same time I do voice over. So, I have been involved in the three major part of modeling.
Role models
I don’t really have anybody that I look up to, but my greatest challenge right now is to replace Tyson Beckford and I believe in getting there because there is an agency in the UK that is really interested in me.
If you are given a chance to change something in Nigeria, what would it be?
Nigeria is a big country with so many things to change. I will begin from the leadership down to other areas. However, its not a thing that can be done over night by one person.
Projection into the future
In the next five years, I want to have a family of my own and in the next 10 years, I want to bring formula one racing to Nigeria. I want to set up a race track in Nigeria and that is my dream.

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