Monday, 4 May 2009


THESE days, ruffles are the hottest pick on the red carpet. With the economic recession and most fashion houses going retro, ruffles are beginning to step up economically viable option for the fashionistas.
Coming in different forms such as waterfalls, crisp, pirate, feminine, tailored, tiny, huge, around collars, down the fronts of blouses, on the edges of a sleeve, across a skirt, on coats, made from cotton, leather, among others, create cute, they are attractive and stylish.
Some fashion historians trace the emergence of ruffles to Yves Saint Laurent in 2006. But many other fashion documentarists believe they have never gone completely ‘out,’ but only became visible, recently.’
Wearing your ruffles
• Wearing a top with a ruffled neckline is the best way to get into the trend, as it always bring out the elegance in a look.
• Voluminous ruffles are great for girls with smaller chests, who want them to look a bit more ample.
• A woven top with a layer or two of large ruffles and a V-shaped neckline are best for this type of figure.
• Busty girls should opt for very small ruffles around the neckline and down the front of a knit or woven top.
• For sleeves, be careful of tops with ruffled cap. They usually stick straight out and have an effect similar to shoulder pads, which doesn’t work for everyone. They often give some girls the illusion of a smaller waist.
• One mistake to avoid is wearing all over ruffles. That is, wearing tops that are completely layered or have any kind of ruffles around the waistline. These styles will make you look bigger. It’s a great way for very thin women with boxy shapes to add to their curves, but for everyone else, it’s not very flattering. If you’re dying to try this trend wear a layered ruffled top or dress with a thick belt; this will cinch your waist and make it look smaller.

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