Friday, 15 May 2009

‘I’m a dramatic dresser, my clothes speak’

FOR Ibironke Adeniji, music is a passion. The native of Saki, Oyo, is the music director of the Living Spring Chapel. She has seven albums to her credit, and the latest is Passion. Born on January 7, 1975, she attended Bodija Baptist Primary School, Ibadan and Command Secondary School, Ibadan, for her primary and secondary education. After these, she attended The Polytechnic Ibadan. She tells DAMILOLA ADEKOYA what fashion is to her.

Definition of fashion
Fashion is something that makes you look beautiful. It simply means looking good.
Music and You
Music is my life; it’s the only thing that makes me complete. When it came to a point in my life that I felt I needed something to do, Music was my only choice and it has really seen me through good and difficult times
Style of dressing
I’m more of a dramatic dresser. I like cloths that speak and at the same time, they cover up. I like African fabric, sown into evening wears, long gowns e.t.c.
Favourite piece of clothing
That’s my jewelries; I can’t just do without them.
Describe yourself in few words
I’m warm, straightforward and interesting.
Most expensive item
My wristwatch.
Turn on
I love to meet people that are very good at whatever they are doing; they serve as an object of focus for me.
Turn off
I hate liars; I really can’t stand them.
Happiest moment
It was the day I heard a song from my first album on radio
Most embarrassing moment(s)
It was the day I had to adjust my underskirt at the bus-stop and the upper skirt just dropped.
Position in the family
I’m from a polygamous home, where I’m the first from my mum and dad. My dad is a license surveyor, who was once a commissioner for works and housing in Oyo State, while my mum is a retiree.
I love pounded yam and Egusi soup or Garri with Afang soup.
Philosophy of life
No matter the challenges you face in life, if you believe it, you will make it.
If you were given an opportunity to change something in Nigeria, what will it be?
I will change the life of women. I would like to empower them and to let them understand that they have inner abilities in them. It’s not just about getting married; cooking etc, there’s really more to life.

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