Tuesday, 25 August 2009

‘I feel comfortable wearing long dresses… you can’t see me on bikini or shorts outside my home’

Funmi Oloyede is the chief executive officer of Peculiar Designs, an outfit that specialises in bridal and men’s wears. Oloyede, a graduate of Lagos City Computer College, is in charge of the Worship Ministry at the Daystar Christian Church. The lady, who is also into interior decorations, tells DAMILOLA ADEKOYA what fashion is to her.

Definition of fashion
To me, it is an expression of ones heart. What I see as fashion may be different from what another person sees.
Family background
I am the first in a family of six children. My mum is an evangelist and also a seamstress, while my dad retired as the head of communication at Shell Development Petroleum Company.
Style of dressing
Most times, I am always on trousers and I also feel more comfortable, wearing long dresses because of the nature of my job.
Favourite piece of clothing
Anytime, any day, it will always be my bracelets.
What would you not be caught wearing?
A bikini, shorts or spaghetti top, worn outside my abode!
Favourite colour
I really love royal blue because it has always been a colour that appeals to me. It fits anybody with any type of complexion.
Most expensive item
A particular lace I bought during my sister’s wedding. I gave it out because it had almost become a ‘god’ for me and I do not want anything to disturb my relationship with God.
Most cherished possession
My creative abilities; can’t trade it for anything If you were given a chance to change something in Nigeria, what would it be? I think I’ll change the black man’s mentality. The way we think is really terrible!
Turn on
When I’m in the midst of people that talk about God, it really gives me joy and happiness.
Turn off
I hate indiscipline; it makes me weird.
Happiest moment
It was when I had the vision to start the music (worship) ministry and people gave a whole lot of testimonies after the programmes we had.
Embarrassing moment
It was the day a tout walked up to me, to woo me. He kept on following me until it got to a time, when a passenger in the bus told me to answer him. I was really embarrassed that day.
I get inspired more, when I’m alone. By so doing, I can ponder on some things, which I think will be useful to me.
Favourite food
I love ewedu and eba
Describe yourself in three words
Quiet, friendly and an impact maker.
Role model(s)
Rev. Sam and Nike Adeyemi; they are of great inspiration. I also owe it up to Femi Olaiya, he is a like a brother to me, always wanting to know what is happening around me,
Philosophy of life
Life is too short for an experiment, so enjoy it to the fullest!

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