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Opa Williams’ secret birthday
RECENTLY, movie producer and comedy merchant Opa Williams was caught (as if im thief) while in the middle of celebrating his birthday secretly. The first signs of something amiss was got when comedian Ali Baba walked into O’jez Restaurant, looked around and left. Minutes after, entertainment lawyer Efere Ozako looked in again and left. Trust T4T, he was curious, why was everyone looking in and leaving almost immediately? He followed, and sniffed (dis T4T na dog?) the smell of Ali and Efere, down to the Chinese arm of the hangout and behold, there was Opa Williams with a few ‘conspirators’ holding a ‘secret’ birthday. In fact, a detractor alleged they were not talking loud lest the sound attracted some mogbomoyas (gate crashers). Anyway, some journalists made Opa pay for his ‘sins’ by helping to down some very expensive drinks and plenty Chinese dinner. Opa all this while, according to the detractor, pretended to be happy to see the journalists who all came with some friends. Next time Ose (as Opa is called) will not try and play a fast one on his friends.
An injury to one... (fill in the blank spaces).

Paul Obazele is truly embattled now
RECALL the last time I told you how T4T asked Obazele Paul, president, Association of Movie Producers (AMP), if he was truly embattled as alleged by the media? Yes, you recall his answer too? Fine, in case you don’t, Paulo told T4T that night while consuming some expensive wine with Zeb Ejiro, if he actually looked embattled. I could not argue. For one who was eating that heavy food and wine, he really did not look embattled. But that scenario has changed. Paulo is in the middle of a storm as Teco Benson, another producer, battles to take his job. Infact, as you read this, his job may have been taken! It was a bloody election some two weeks ago, with heavyset thugs when chests as wide as billboard swooped on the election ground, when it seemed our dear Paulo was on the verge of losing his seat, according to an ‘eyewitness’. There was chaos, people began running helter skelter. Well, you read how last week, Dickson Iroegbu lost his dreadlocks in the aftermath of the beating he got that day. Well, I am waiting to see Paulo to ask him that same question again. I hope he still has that former air of confidence.
Verdict: Paulo is embattled.

Saw the new Dickson Iroegbu at last
THE fella that accosted me as I stepped into the popular hangout on National Stadium premises last Friday was smiling. T4T did not recognise the smiling guy until he greeted in a familiar manner. “Conscious One”! Gosh, only one person I know on this earth has that signature tune and that is the movie producer Dickson Iroegbu. Without his trademark dreadlocks, I could not recognize him. I bet his wife will find it hard to recognise him too. Dickson, a source said, received the beating of his life at the AMP elections recently. Just so that your memory is refreshed. Now, he looks like the man next door. That larger than life image is gone.
Poor Dickson, he will have to wait a few more years to grow his hair in locks again, before then, we will have no choice than to publish the photo of the ‘New Iroegbu’ for the public to take note.

Chris Nwaokobia has started again
YOU may be wandering what activist/entertainment lawyer Chris Nwaokobia has started again. Not to worry, you will soon hear about it. Chris was sitting at the terrace of the celebrity hangout when T4T walked in, and behold, he saw him with a stick of cigarette. Hmmm, this was the same Chris that swore to T4T that he would never go back to that habit. It did not take long after for T4T to sight the Delta State-born Chris smoking a Cuban cigar at the hangout. He again swore it was just a slip. Well, I am happy to announce to you that Chris has finally given up the idea of giving up cigarette smoking. He confessed that it has been hard for him to kick the habit out of his system. Anyway, friends and well wishers have planned a special prayer and fasting session to allow the Almighty intervene in this matter. We hope and pray.

Where was bambino going that night?
FRINGE Nollywood actor, Bambino, was sighted late in the night at the popular Kilo Bus Stop area of Surelere, Lagos. He was walking with somebody his detractors said looked like a woman. As T4T was driving that night, he won’t be able to tell whether the person was a woman or not. But Bambino’s company looked like a woman, from the stolen glance one had. The puzzle now is, where was Bambino going with somebody who looked like a woman, that night. I no talk o o.

Gandoki’s sacks his PA
COMEDIAN Gandoki has finally relieved his Personal Assistant of his duty. This news is confirmed. When the going was good, there was no where you saw Gandoki without seeing the PA, who is also a fringe actor. But for some time now, only the PA comes to the celebrity hangout. T4T was curious. He pulled a call across to Gandoki. The conversation went thus:
Gandoki: Who be dis?
T4T: Na me.... I just see your P A now now, I come ask am wia you dey.
Gandoki: My former PA? I don sack am na. No be (calls his name), I don sack am, no be my PA again.
Hmmm, see Gandoki sef dey get PA wey im dey sack. Big man dey sweet sha.

Julius Agwu turns Facebook into advert space
COMEDIAN Julius Agwu has turned the facebook site into an avenue where he advertises his numerous comedy shows. Every other 10 minutes, an ‘advert’ about Julius’ show drops. I am beginning to think, either Julius has employed somebody that is sending those messages or if it is the comedian himself, one wonders when he has the time to create new jokes. All the same, Naija man like free thing, at least it is cheaper than paying for advertisements in newspapers. Soon, dem go bcos of people like Julius block facebook.


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