Monday, 10 August 2009

MJ… This dressing of a Life

WHEN I opened my mailbox in the morning of June 26, I saw the yahoo headline, Michael Jackson King of Pop dies, and I wanted to scream!
Was this just one of those bad random jokes or what? No, it wasn’t! What a blow to his family, friends and fans world over. I know Nigerians, who had bought tickets for his massive O2 London run this summer. I just stared at the computer speechless. Please, try to read if you haven’t read, The Guardian newspapers editorial of July 1, 2009, page 14 to be exact. His music cut across genres: Soul, R&B, Pop, Funk, Rock and Hip-hop. I am sure he couldn’t stop loving because he really gave his heart until it seized beating even though many people really had cupboard love for him. Press, family and friends, all used him to make money. I could go on. Fashion and music as you know, go hand in hand, and I am talking about MJ here so do bear with me! His music videos always pushed the envelope and were creative and entertaining most times. He cast normal everyday people ranging from street kids (They don’t care about us) other fellow musicians, actors and models (Remember the time) long before the craze of current music videos of ‘so and so’ feat ‘so and so’ and we know that music videos pretty or ugly much dictate the way many people dress and his videos were no exception From his hairstyle to dress sense, which was evolving and consistent at the same time, he sparked trends throughout his career. His major trademarks were the single sequined glove, tight, military style jacket and the ever-present aviator sunglasses His early look from the era of Bad, Beat It and Thriller was biker inspired; with leather jackets in studded black and red. A performance of Billie Jean saw the appearance of his sequined glove for the first time, which will appear in many guises during his career. Also, his bands and belts and belts over one arm of his jacket, skinny ties and ever present fedoras. The Dangerous period, which spawned massive hit, Black or White, saw him make white socks with black trousers, styled with a fedora his look of choice-and was when he began wearing the ubiquitous V-neck T-shirt. Later, as he embarked on the History tour, the look became military inspired — and in later life — he would occasionally rework Jackson emblems like aviators and sequins, with which his style became so associated. Stars such as Rihanna and Beyonce wore looks inspired by his style. Christophe Decarnin’’s Balmain spring/summer 2009 and autumn/winter 2009-10 collections referenced Jackson’s strong shoulders, military styling and love for sparkle- a move endorsed by Jackson when he wore his pieces earlier this year. Britain’s bad boy designer, Gareth Pugh, took his white socks literally in his spring/summer 08 collections. As a trendsetter and as a musician, Jackson will be sorely missed. Dear MJ Rest In Peace.

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