Monday, 10 August 2009

When ladies gathered

(Strictly for the young)

WHAT do you get when you have a room full of women with only one man in the midst ready to field their questions’ no holds barred?
Participants at the recently concluded s.h.a.r.e Networks packaged event, found out! Poised to hold every three months, VENUS s.h.a.r.e is a professional and personal networking event for women only!
The aim is to have ladies interact with other women, while promoting their products or services, and also using the opportunity to chat about some female-centric issues, and s.h.a.r.e tips, experiences and ideas.
There is also one important twist to this event which sets it apart from others in its mould- each event will feature a male guest who will sit on the ‘hot seat’ and be ready to answer any question thrown at him by the ladies!
The first edition of VENUS s.h.a.r.e held at Swe Bar last month, and featured women from various fields including entertainment, health and beauty, service-provision, media and business.
As the ladies came in, they were given copies of Her to Him, Wedding Planner and Exquisite magazines, and they mingled with one another on an informal note.
The compere urged them to meet at least three new people, introduce themselves, and find out what they do which of course led to more mingling, moving around, laughter and conversations.
Quick groups where formed and each group had questions to answer amongst themselves. These included questions on ethics, behaviour in the work place, relationships, and general life questions.
While all this was going on, the secret male guest was in a corner, getting a bit nervous! It is after all, one thing to agree to be grilled by a room full of women, but another thing entirely to actually meet these women! And meet them he surely did as he was called on to take his position on the hot seat!
Kamil Olufowobi of NIPRO then began to field questions thrown at him, in bits and spurts at first, and then in quick succession!
The compere noted his attempt to deflect the questions by trying to turn the women against one another and she urged them to be firm and strong! It wasn’t too bloody though and he managed to escape unscathed!
Some of the participants like Yeye of Nappy Xpress and Becky Okonkwo spoke about the service they provide, and this led to an impromptu make-up class!
All this mingling, networking and interaction was done wth light music by female artistes in the background, a live performance by PHisayo, small chops and soft drinks for refreshment, and a glass of wine to relax!
A publicist for s.h.a.r.e said events like these were important because they gave women the opportunity to breathe, relax, s.h.a.r.e and build one another up. It also serves as a great opportunity for women to be able to showcase their talents, and gives businesses with female-oriented products or services, the opportunity to market same!
The event ended on a simple note, with hugs, exchange of business cards, and one on one time with Kamil, for more grilling! This event was supported by Seyi Charles George Photography, Swe Bar, Exquisite, H2H, Wedding Planner and NIpro. More information on this event can be found at

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