Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A Royal ride on 250k

ANYBODY that comes in contact with Ibisi Ndukwe MD/CEO Royal Limousine, might expect to see just a big , loud, brash man. But after some minutes, you are sure to discover a completely different person: gentle and soft speaking. To him, everyday is given to work. And this owes much to his desire to be perfect in whatever he is doing. This afternoon, he is in a very relaxed mood. He is seated in his office reading newspapers.
With one long smile, he welcomes his guest. He offers a seat and asks, “what do I offer you.” “Table water, at the most for me,” I answer. He calls out a one of his staff, who brings two bottle of table water. He sips a little from his and heaves “life is good”. Okay, when and how did you start the limousine services? “It started in 2004. It was conceived in New York and we started doing some things there before deciding to move down home. Then, we had five limousines. Right now, we have more cars for all purposes.” And if squeezing in questions weren’t hard enough, getting answers seemed morehard. But after long, he draws a deep breath and says, excitedly, “Royal Limousine Service is a locally owned outfit that has earned a reputation for its prompt and efficient services. Our selective clientele expects only the best...and that is what we deliver.” He says the company has been serving metropolitan Lagos for over five years now. On the risk of driving in Lagos streets with such expensive cars without fears of reckless drivers. He answers, “our chauffeurs go through a rigorous screening and training process.” Ndukwe reflects, “we guarantee a high level of customer service and integrity. Our prompt service and comfortable limousines have earned us consistently satisfied clients since inception. Our fleet now features over 20 vehicles including super stretch limousines, luxury town cars, luxury SUV limousines and passenger vans. We are sure to have the perfect vehicle for you.” THE boss of Royal Limousines says services offered in his company will free the person from unnecessary expenditure, especially when you are preparing for corporate events, business meetings, party or association conventions, airport transportation, weddings, romantic getaways, concerts, funerals and red carpets. He laughs, “set the right tone for your business meetings. Arrive comfortable and relaxed. Give your clients the gift of luxurious travel. Our service is the perfect choice for any corporate need. We understand success. Let our professional, discreet chauffeurs provide you with first-class service.” With a smile that seems to lift out of pages, he says, “our large fleet and unparalleled level of service makes us the perfect choice for convention travel. We can accommodate large groups, and can provide as many vehicles as necessary: Whether classic stretch limousines, town cars, or passenger vans.” He adds, “avoid the hassle of travelling to and from the airport. Parking difficulties, wild cab rides, and traffic congestion are some of the reasons why traveling in comfort makes so much sense.” In his words, “in the US, it is very easy to see kids come for graduation parties in limousines. Four to six kids can jointly hire one at reduced rate, and the fun is theirs. This is a culture we want to establish here. It cost less when you combine efforts, especially during your red carpet. It cost just N250, 000 for the Rolls Royce and Lincoln Limousine goes for N150, 000 a day.” Has the poor shape of the economy affected their business? He answers ‘no.” According to him, “it is even growing by day, as many people are identifying with us.” ANY hope for the Nigerian economy? Ndukwe blurts out: “Yes, there is a future for our economy. If only our leaders can begin to do things the right way. You and I know that we have a lot of natural resources in our country that we are not managing very well. I had opportunity to travel to the Niger Delta recently and I saw the rate at which the facilities had decayed. Infrastructure does not apply to them. The people still live in thatch houses, and the roads are so bad. And this is the place where we get our oil. I believe strongly that if there is a problem, we can’t just solve it from the top. It’s something that has to be treated from the root; and getting it done from the root is what our leaders should begin to understand.” He says, “one thing, I have learnt about Nigerians is that they never give up. A Nigerian is hard working. Nigerians have the ability to work hard, and with that virtue, I think we will always be motivated to always move ahead despite all odds. I believe that Nigeria can make it, the economy can’t just crumble like the US’s.” To Ndukwe, “American people are very fragile; every thing has been put in place for them. Also note that the kind of economy we have is not like theirs. Their economy is based on credit, where the house you own, the car you drive, the cloth you wear is not paid for, it’s all on credit. But here, the suit you are wearing, you paid for it, your car is bought with money, the place you live in is your house because you paid for it. We are more like a card free society. So, every thing I need, even the food in my house, I have already purchased it with cash, but in USA they use credit for everything even the food they eat.” He remarks, “we will have to take a cue from what happened to the US’s economy. I really believe strongly that we are headed somewhere and Nigeria will definitely come up if only we make the right move.” Your take on fashion and style. He softly strikes his hair, rubs his face in a warm manner and heaves: “The simplest way for me to explain fashion is that it is whatever that makes you comfortable when worn. Style for me is being simple. When you look at Nelson Mandela, you see the kind of clothes he wears; as simple as they are, when he comes out and stands somewhere, you’ll know that he has style.” Ndukwe adds, “the way you dress tells a lot about, who you are. It does not mean that if a person likes to dress on suits, the other one that dresses on traditional is not fashionable. It is just an expression of how a person feels.”


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