Monday, 16 November 2009

Dotting on the Frozen dreams

By Bimpe Adebambo
LOOKING through the Frozen Dream collection brochure while waiting for the FADAN and VLISCO event to kick off two Sundays ago, I could not help but be mesmerised by its concept.
Every image had a mirrored counterpart from the cover, to the last page and justice was done to the collection by the ebony skinned model that pulled off all the looks.
I come from an art background and I have styled and directed photo shoots for magazines in addition to being a fashion designer and lover of beauty.
What nailed it for me was also the model selection for the actual runway presentation on the day of the show.
When two identical twin models hit the ramp in two outfits that were exactly the same style and textile design but different colour schemes, I knew the moment really had to be frozen!

For Vlisco, international fashion trends and global tendencies are a source of inspiration for each new fabric collection, based on a pre-determined theme and this really shone through, given the global tribal/ethnic trend that is still waxing strong into next summer. Contrast in characteristics, pattern design and shapes.
Flowing, almost handwritten designs exist alongside those with graphic ornaments. While some ones capture your dreams, the double layers in others create a 3D effect, which evokes hallucinations.

At first sight, the collection seems to consist of a total mix but the colour card brings coherence in the gallery of items. With different tones of steely blues, passionate pinks and fierce yellows a linking impression is created. The contrasting cold and warm colours bring balance to the eye-catching designs.
Surreal reflections intensify the impression of contrast. The presence of a mirror is suggested, but what about the colour differences? Confusion awakens you.
With the depth of different designs, the breadth of shapes and the wealth of colours, ‘Frozen Dreams’ leaves lots of room for your own creativity with the vibrant prints.
Whether or not it is a dream, it is all in the mix. ‘Frozen Dreams’ is the best of both worlds.
The textiles are like dreams you wouldn’t want to be awakened from!

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