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So, who is thinking of Tuesdays?

(Strictly for the young)
THERE I was on a random Monday, just thinking about life, and how everyone seems to hate Mondays. Wake up and interact on any given Monday and majority of the people you see are either complaining, not speaking because they are grouchy, or venting online!
‘Moan Day’ is here again, some people grumble, while others hit the snooze button more times than they should!
A friend of mine won’t switch his phone on till about 12pm on Mondays, and others hate to hear bad news on Monday as they think it would determine the rest of their week!
Poor Monday!
Friday on the other hand is such a huge contrast from Monday! You see people smiling while doing random things like filing papers or sending mails.
It is not the work that makes them smile, it is the realisation that they have a weekend to themselves coming! O the joy of waking up an hour or two later than you normally would? Friday is synonymous with worship, half-days at work (given or taken), and socialising!

Saturdays on the other hand, are synonymous with weddings! Some people also worship on that day!
There is a lot of laundry to be done, and ladies steal time to get glammed up. (Manicure anyone?).
The beautiful thing about Saturdays is the fact that there is still one more day left in the weekend!
On Sundays, there is worship going on, and a whole lot of relaxation! The dread starts to return at about 6pm on Sunday because you know the cycle continues and the alarm goes off at the usual annoying time from now on!
And back then, Sunday was when we made our hair... the smell of hair cream always reminds me of Sundays; Sunday television, and the feeling of dread that would always come upon me! Why can’t it be Sunday, 12pm permanently jo?

LET us not forget Thursday, the new Friday! Thursdays are so vibrant these days! There is always some party or the other, live band at Swe, Ladies Night at other places, and more!
Besides, there is a special smile reserved for Thursday. It is the smile that says, today might not be Friday, but tomorrow is! So one more cup before I hit the road!
Wednesday is mid-week, and that says it all! If it is not some mid-week service of some sort, it is ladies night or half price at the movies!

SO every day has something about it! If we do not hate poor dear Monday, we are celebrating on Friday or relaxing on Sunday. But wait a minute...
Who is thinking about Tuesdays?
Tuesday feels neglected! It says, no one smiles because it’s Tuesday (when last did you hear, Thank God It’s Tuesday?), and no one complains because it is Tuesday (have you ever said, oh no! Here is Tuesday again?). It is not the first day of the week, nor the weekend, nor is it even in the middle! It is just the day before Wednesday, and as a friend put it, one more day in the week!
While I could try to find an intellectual way of wrapping this article up by urging you not to be a Tuesday, but either a Monday that is feared, a Wednesday that is spoken about, a Saturday that is useful, a Sunday that is appreciated, a Thursday that is enjoyed or a Friday that is loved... Oh wait! I did that already!

Living in an information-driven
(Biz tool Kits)
WHEN Bill Gates was about crossing the Canadian border a few years ago, the immigration officials came over to his car to search his luggage. They asked him to present his luggage and assets for thorough checking. He gave a pack of floppy disks containing Windows 85 to them. They looked at the pack and since they didn’t understand what it was, they gave it back to him and were more concerned with the luggage he was carrying which they thought could have better and more valuable assets than ‘mere floppy disks.’ Unknown to them, the success of Windows 85 brought Microsoft from being a challenger in the global software industry to becoming the richest and the leader.
We live in the information age. And in this knowledge economy, information is the single greatest asset. In previous ages, you owned factories, cattle ranches, gold mines, oil wells or skyscrapers to be rich.

In the Information Age, information alone can make you rich many times over. The young entrepreneurs, who created Yahoo, Google, MySpace, YouTube, etc, have proved that.
With just a few dollars, some information and the leverage of technology, these 20 and 30-year-olds have become billionaires.
The information age officially started with the invention of digital computers.
In the Information Age, information leveraged by technology is wealth, and very inexpensive and abundant resources such as silicon, produce the wealth.
In other words, the price of getting rich has gone down. For the first time in history, wealth is available, affordable, and abundant for everyone, regardless of where he or she lives. Socio-economically, there are now four groups of people: the poor, middle class, the rich and the super rich.
Bill Gates is the most obvious example of the Information Age super rich.
Today there are young people who became super rich with the inexpensive and abundant resources of technology, information, and their ideas. The common bond among all these is that information enabled the coordination of resources at a much quicker and higher level than ever before. It is this coordination that creates the super rich.
Tips on how you can become relevant in the knowledge economy

Buy and read professional business, and motivational books. The Africa continent is where it is today because of our high-level illiteracy. The more uneducated a people are, the more unenlightened they become and the more shackled they are to poor conditions. To improve your learning curve therefore, you need to pay to acquire information. In this era, your earning ability is tied to your learning capacity.

Attend seminars, conferences and workshops. Because of the information overload and rapid change we are faced with in every sector and human endeavour in this era, seminars, conferences and workshops can provide us the opportunity to be abreast of the latest and relevant information we need to get ahead.

Acquire a little more education. Even as much as I believe that wealth is not a function of academic qualifications only, because there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary, I very much still believe that requisite education can give its possessor a terrific edge to be more competitive and up-to-date in this era. The world yearns for more multi-skilled people.

Be a problem solver. Let’s take a cue from the super rich; they are consummate problem solvers. Forget it – to be rich in this era, you must find problems and provide solutions for them.

Meet the needs of people. There are needs everywhere. Riches only go to that man/woman who strives through the creation of a product or service to meet such needs.

Be resourceful or create ideas. Look at the example of the million-dollar website fellow. Only idea people rule in this economy.

Use and master relevant technology. This age is a technology-based and driven era. I once joked with a colleague that very soon, the world is moving from computer and internet literacy to ICT and network literacy. If you can read and write in this century, you must learn how to also use the phone, the computer, internet, and very soon have some knowledge about computer security and networking.

THE world is truly changing. You cannot afford to stand still lest you grow roots. To matter in this era, and with regard to financial stability and success, as a nation and people, we must begin to move away from our Agrarian and Industrial Age mentality and begin to embrace the opportunities and possibilities that the Information Age affords. Only then can we grapple with and overcome the financial and other challenges of this century.

Olotu is the CEO/Lead Consultant, DEAIM Innovative Resources Ltd.,

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  1. Nicely penned articles...
    I feel sorry for tuesday too...
    but for me its the next best day apart from
    thursday (again) to make requests.

    One should be updated constantly nowadays,
    cause what you learn becomes obsolete almost
    every six months