Monday, 16 November 2009


Ras Teddy Knor the escort?
REGGAE, six-foot giant, Ras Teddy Knor, may have jettisoned music temporarily, if not how would one explain the escort role he was seen playing at O’jez recently? The singer whose only claim to musicianship was the planned duet (that never happened) between him and late Lucky Dube, was sighted at the celebrity hangout closely following a fella. Anywhere the guy went in the crowded restaurant, be sure to see Knor grinning full lips behind him. It was so bad that even when the guy went upstairs to the loo, Knor was still close marking him. The nickel dropped later, the guy was the person buying the drinks and food that night. Bros Teddy, I no blame you, my people say if tortoise no get money, e go use im body serve. Na Money yab man. God is able sha, if e no dey today, e go dey tomorrow. Take heart.

... Still on Teddy Knor
THIS is a passionate appeal to all, the musician, Teddy Knor, who wears a short pant (that he calls knickers), urgently needs the address of the Society for Family Care office. An SMS dropped in T4T’s mobile phone and it was from Knor, some days after he was seen playing otinkpu (escort/bag bearer) for somebody. The SMS announced Knor needed the address of the above mentioned society ‘urgently.’ In fact, T4T was worried, when he became a city address book. Anyway, as you read this piece, if you know the address Knor is looking for, please go to AIT or better still, take an advert space in Guardian Life to inform the singer and the good Lord will bless you as you do so.

Ejike Asiegbu’s back
FORMER president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Ejike Asiegbu, is back in the country after weeks on holiday in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. Recall, we reported in this column, that after surviving the wahala of AGN, he went to cool off in Zimbabwe (when his mates were going to America, UK and Brazil), na Zimbabwe im fit go. Well, T4T ran into him at O’jez last week Saturday, spotting an army fatigue shorts. He looked every inch a U S soldier fighting in Afghanistan. Unlike in the past when presido will declare booze on his return, it seems the only thing Ejike brought back from Zimbabwe was the army fatigue shorts. Anyway, the good book said, in any situation we find ourselves, we must give thanks to Him that is up there. Amen.

Okey Bakassi at it again
RECALL I told you the last time, the love comedian turned politician Okey Bakassi has for pounded yam and vegetable soup. Fine, he was at it again last week at O’jez when he came visiting from his Imo State base.
Okey, spotting a dark waist coat over a ma he came visiting from his Imo State base.
Okey, spotting a dark waist coat over a matching pair of trousers and leather slippers (what a combination), sat with his younger brother demolishing a plate of his favourite. Again, he forgot T4T was lurking around the corner, it took him a while, after he had completed his task to look up and see your darling T4T (some of my detractors now call me tooth ache). Anyway, we will keep watching these stars no matter the name they call us.

Segun Arinze makes U-Turn?
FOR those who know the actor Segun Arinze, the new president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, this is the time to pray for him as he may have decided to pour on himself an entire colony of soldier ants. Reports have it that to make peace with the almighty ‘Board of Trustees’ of AGN, he decided to sacrifice his elected General Secretary, Chuma Onwudiwe and Treasurer Lolo and replaced them with candidates of the ‘Board of Trustees’ led by Ifeanyi Dike. Chuma and Lolo are spoiling for a fight to finish with Uncle Sege who reports said has ran to soft spoken actor Zack Orji for cover. The battle in Nollywood is just starting. You will be given real time update as the fire burns.

... As K.O.K Taku On ‘Mandate’
“I will rather die, than relinquish the mandate given to me as ‘president of AGN”, that is the war song of Nollywood actor Kanayo O. Kanayo, K.O.K as the ‘Board of Trustees’ bear on him to step aside now that Segun Arinze has given in to their demands of ‘sacking’ Chuma and Lolo. But as the Yorubas will say, my friend K.O.K has taku (remained adamant). K.O.K claimed he was given six months to act as president and he has barely spent three months so what the heck is Ifeanyi Dike and co saying? He has threatened to drag them to court if he ever hears that sentence that says he should back down.
Hmmm, ever heard of the story of the Frankenstein monster? Read your history and you will understand what we are talking about here. Na dia I talk reach o o.

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