Monday, 9 November 2009

Why They Pray For Chief

(Just Life)

THEY live in a very nice apartment in this area. Though the rent isn’t cheap, they know that as far as apartments go, they haven’t done badly. There’s water when there is electricity, enough parking space for one car per flat and no trader as neighbour.
Their landlord, chief, has two sons and a daughter, which is all very good but for the fact that they do not seem to have any obvious source of income. The first son is in his mid-30s, the second in his early 30s while the last, his daughter is in her late 20s. None of them has been able to attend any higher institution.
The boys seem to have given up trying. They dress well and sit around chatting with friends, who seem to be in similar situations.
They wouldn’t tell Chief this, but they, the tenants, say that sometimes, strange smells of burning grass or something similar can be perceived in the compound, especially in the early evening before Chief comes back from work.
But it should be mentioned that the girl, Chief’s daughter still is trying, and really very seriously, to get into a university.
She has even gone as far as to get accommodation in one of the female hostels around the university so that she could start to get into the swing of things.
She knows all the in-joints, dresses incredibly well (especially for someone with no obvious source of income), moves with the ‘right’ crowd, and even attends the odd lecture or two. All she needs to be a bona-fide student is just a letter of admission.
NOW, the thing is Chief hasn’t been feeling well lately. No one knows for sure what the matter is with him but he has been doing a bit of travelling and all they get told when they asked after him is that he had travelled for treatment.
They, have therefore, started to pray for Chief because they know that things are bound to change if anything were to happen to him.
Of course, if by some chance, Chief were to have a will, things might be better but he isn’t the kind of person to bother with a little detail like that.
How do they know this, you ask? Well, Chief is an average Nigerian and the average Nigerian does not want to think about his passing on and will, therefore, not write a will.

BUT Chief and the rest of us for that matter need to realise that if you die without a will, state law or relations will decide how your assets are distributed and you’d be surprised to see what they will do to your family. Though creating a will is something most of us would generally prefer to not think about, it has been said that actually sitting down to write one is a fairly painless process.
And I bet that knowing that your loved ones will be provided for should anything happen to you make it all the more worthwhile.
When you don’t leave a will you’re unnecessarily creating problems for your beneficiaries by not making your last wishes clear. No matter your age or financial situation, take care of your loved ones by taking the time to write a will, at least to prove that you really do love them.

Girls are not smiling either
( Strictly for the young)
WHAT happens when the ladies take over? You know, they say, for today (and today only), we do everything!
We open doors, we frisk guests, we seat people at tables, we do the interviews, we do the singing and the dancing?
What if before the show, some of the biggest names in the industry had sat down in the Smooth Promotions office to have a meeting?
What if all these names were ladies? What if they sat and plotted and strategised and decided to put up the best show this year?
What if they got up from that meeting shook hands, complimented one another’s hand bags, and began to put this show together, each with their own strength?
Well, what if this moved away from the realm of ‘what if’ and into something that happened, is happening, and will happen?
That sounds like, Girls night out?

THE first few editions of Girls Night Out, which were also organised by Smooth Promotions, were fun and different, and quickly went on to become a platform for the discovery of female artistes, presenters/hosts, dancers, and yes, deejays!
Remember the late Deejay Loc Shy?
They were also more than just shows; they were opportunities to help lesser-privileged women, and to celebrate interesting women doing every day things, like the now famous traffic warden(ness) who has, since honoured by Girls Night Out, now been honoured within Lagos, and all over Nigeria. Most recently, she was a guest on Mo Abudu’s show.

WITH this edition, the planning committee, headed by Joke Jaiyesinmi, is planning to take things even further!
From the website, which will be designed by a girl, to the security, stage and lighting, everything this year is by ladies, but for ladies and gentlemen!
Yes, the men are invited... they always were.
And this year, the men will be treated like kings and princes — red carpet treatment for all the men, gift bags containing goodies just for being at the show, and a first class ticket to the best entertainment on offer this year!
The ladies have also promised that every guy who comes for the show has a hassle-free pass to watch football this season!
Sounds like a good deal!
Girls Night Out is scheduled to hold in December, and as has now become tradition, the night will not only be entertaining (we hear the performances are to be specially designed for the show), fun and sometimes crazy (we hear there will be auctions, and a search for the female Dbanj, M.I, and more), but also philanthropically (once again, everyday people will be recognised and pampered, and a percentage of proceeds will go into treating a lady with a medical emergency).
Trust us here at Strictly for the Young, we will keep you updated!
And don’t forget to catch the Tarzan Monologues when it goes head to head with the V Monologues in March 2010!
The play, which featured actors such as Bimbo Manuel, O.C. Ukeje, Kenneth Uphopho, Paul Alumona, Precious Anyanwu, Kanayo Okani, Anike Alli Hakeem and some surprises like Kunle Adeyoola (Snatcha of the Rooftop MC’s).
Well, seeing as Kunle actually acts in Kamson and Neighbours, it shouldn’t have been such a surprise anyway!
I had expected to be entertained. I knew I would laugh, maybe be a bit sad, and possibly get upset. But it had never occurred to me that I would be educated as well!
While we wait and pray for an encore however from Theatre @ Terra, we can watch November’s play; Private Lies!

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