Monday, 16 November 2009

Tai-Lo’s way

By Florence Utor
Nigeria has been said to be the third largest producers of film. Mind you largest, not the best. The simple reason being that most of these films lack quality, certain things are not considered to be important, whereas, there is no aspect of film production that is more important than the other.
It is in line with this that Titilola Ogundipe resolved to study special effect make-up for the screen.
With Tai-Lo as her brand name, Titi could be described as an all rounder, who has touched almost every aspect of beauty routines including hair, nails, all types of make-up, modeling and she has professional photographers that work with her. “I do everything about makeup and this means, photographic makeup, fashion make-up and makeup for film”, says the lady.

The economics graduate of Covenant University, who has a passion for the arts and professionalism, started her journey in the beauty business right here in Nigeria with Banke Meshida-Lawal, a notable make-up artists, where she learnt some basic things about make-up.
Not satisfied, she went to modeling and finishing school in Manchester. She later attended the University of Bolton to bag a second degree in business information; and just to crown it all before returning to start her own thing here, she went to London school of make-up and beauty.
Talking with her at her Opebi studio, she said, ‘I just got back about a month ago and I started my shop on Opebi, where I do nails, hair, make-up, modeling and photography, I also do consultancy and training.”
And what new stuff is she bringing into the make-up business? She simply says, “I appreciate what is being done by the existing people in the industry, “I just want to contribute my own quota to it and for the film industry, I know special effect makeup is not popular, so I believe that my knowledge will come a long way in the film industry and I am hoping that there will be some film directors who want to make a difference like I do so we can work together.”
Tai does not have her line of beauty products yet but says, “I will certainly do so in future. For now, I use a lot of M.A.C, NARS, IMAN, Mary Kay, Bobbi brown and Make-up Forever.

Since her return, she has concentrated on setting up her studio but jobs are coming up, “i’m going to be part of the make-up team for celebrity takes two.”
Just like most parents who frown at their children going into such professions, Titi’s parents were not different but now, they support her in everyway they can.


  1. This is lovely,i like ur sense of creativity.Good work n keep it up.

  2. Thats ma girl . .
    Keep it up . .I'm so proud of you

  3. Great!!! Veryy nicee. Keep it up gal! We proud of ya