Monday, 9 November 2009


Revealed! Where ‘Ruggedy Baba’ fills his stomach daily
HIP-HOP act, Ruggedman, who is popularly called Ruggedy Baba, does not eat at home. This piece of information is authoritative. Ran into the fast balding act at an eatery on Isaac John, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos, recently with a female friend (na female friend I talk o, she fit even be business patna sef, so no get ideas). T4T watched closely as the hip hopper grubbed his food with relish. In case of a rejoinder, the time was 1.30pm on Monday, November 2, 2009. Someone swore it was the third time he was sighting the guy there. Hmm, it is either the eatery food is tastier than madam’s food or dem don take somtin cook the food and the tin don catch Ruggedy Baba (na speculation I dey o). Anyway, he finished his meal and swaggered to his Volkswagen Touareg with the customised number plate Ruggedy, leaving the female friend behind. Me think that was odd. Anyway, you now know where to see your favourite star; wait on Isaac John any midday, you are sure to see Rugged Man coming to fill his stomach.

Ejike Asiegbu’s in Zimbabwe

FORMER president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Ejike Asiegbu, is cooling his heels in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. He has been in Harare for a month now, holidaying and directing a big budget movie for a wealthy producer. Hmm, Ejike no dey shame, im mates dey go Hawai and Brazil for holiday, na Zimbabwe im see go. Anyway, as the saying goes, bread is better than puff puff, so we commend Ejike’s efforts. At least, im see somewia go holiday na. Nigeria and AGN wahala be wan kpai presido, sorry, former presido before. To God Be The Glory.

Help, Eucharia Anunobi’s addicted to Facebook

EMBATTLED Nollywood actress, Eucharia Anunobi, who is going through a messy divorce case, has perhaps found solace in the Internet. Hardly would you log on to Facebook site and not find UK baby online. In fact, trust T4T, just to be doubly sure, logged on at about midnight recently and there was UK bold and in your face on Facebook. Aunty, we no say na trying times be dis, but please get some sleep.

... And Opa Williams Too
COMEDY merchant, Opa Williams, may have borrowed a leaf from Eucharia as his popular past time now is the Facebook. Was online with Opa on Tuesday and he gladly announced he was in Delta State (I did not ask him where he was before he volunteered the information). The way it took him hours to reply to a message clearly shows dear Opa has difficulties in typing on the laptop keyboard. When peson learn computer for old age, na the result be dat. Keep it up Opa, God is in control.

Segun Arinze’s ‘Jeep’

AS T4T was about leaving the car lot of O’jez last week, a monstrous vehicle was bearing down on him, threatening to swallow his tuke tuke car. T4T was scared and many thoughts ran through the mind. Could a celebrity who got very angry with the way and manner T4T was watching him or her, decided to pay back, in kind? Then at the last minute before a possible collision, the monster, slowed down and pulled alongside my tuke tuke. A grinning face of Black Arrow filled the window on the driver’s side. So, it was Segun Arinze driving that caterpillar he calls a car? Good, I told him his car was not fit to be driven on Lagos roads, he should go the pot-holed filled Ore-Benin road. Geez, the contraption Segun drives about town will surely pitch him against LASTMA officials very soon. So that you know, the jeep look alike monster, is red in colour and it is a pick up van, the type used by Texas Rangers in the U S. This T4T sef sabi America too? Na wa.

Dickson Iroegbu’s New Dressence

SINCE the movie director Dickson Iroegbu got rid of his dreadlocks, he has become born again and all old things passed away. Dickson will be the first to tell you that he has dropped his controversy garb and henceforth, he has advised himself to desist from commenting on issues in Nollywood. Good thinking, because the last time he tried to play Gani Fawehinmi at the Association of Movie Producers’ election, he was beaten into a near state of coma (I no dey dia, na reliable source tell me o o). But this is not the issue, it is, Dickson after scraping his dada (dreadlocks), now spots complete three-piece suit anytime he is coming out of his home. Three nights consecutively, Dickson was spotted at O’jez at about 9pm, decked as one going to a wedding ceremony. Last week Friday night, he was having dinner with two ladies (maybe na business dinner o o), and the director was all suited up. The Chinese rice and shrimps served on hot wooden plate was giving Dickson an uphill task, a task he clinically executed with thick sweat beads running down his face that is now minus the dada. A bottle of wine was displayed openly for all to see. T4T checked his memory card to see if Dickson directed a movie recently, because this newfound wealth is awesome. Keep it up bro, life na for enjoyment.

Agatha Amata’s Birthday Bash

BY the time you are reading this, television talkshow host, Agatha Amata, would have celebrated her birthday yesterday in Ikeja area of Lagos. T4T got an SMS on Tuesday inviting him to the bash. Life is sweet, when there is money, people remember to celebrate their birthdays and to God be the glory, aunty Agatha has made quite a chunk of it recently. Recall I told you some time ago how she angrily gave out her Rav 4 SUV and ordered a Nissan Murano state-of-the-art ride fresh from the factory line? Fine, now a source said the birthday bash was planned as the mother of all birthday bashes. Agatha, I said it before, I am still saying it now: when I grow up, I will like to be like you, so help me God. I will give you dear readers what went down at the gig.

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