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At K C’s brother’s wedding

DO you know the singing duo K C Presh? Good, then you must know the brother of one of the singers, KC (can’t place his name) but they sure look alike. Well, the issue is, the guy made the whole of Lagos to know just how rich KC Presh are now, when he married recently. The singers, in fact, scattered the wedding reception with crisp N1, 000 notes. They rented a Limo for their brother as the official wedding car and ensured that only Champagne was served throughout the event. A source, who told the story, was amazed. T4T is happy for these young men, who also bought themselves two Hummer SUVs to attend the wedding (if na dem dey marry, na Jet dem for buy). How life changes, these are two ordinary guys who were struggling to feed some couple of years ago. They were always hovering around Charly Boy’s caravan he called an office, singing skits in his Charly Boy Show. Now, see small boys wey don hamma. But wait o, make una remember una left o; musician no dey reign for ever o. Felix Liberty some time ago, buy Mercedes Benz Cyclone...
Na dia I talk reach o.

... Still On K C Presh
T4T had cause to go green with sweet envy when on Sunday, the latest millionaire singers in town stormed O’jez, perhaps to show off their wonder on wheels Hummer. As usual, the over 100 swirling lights on the body of the two monster cars, caused quite a stir at the parking lot of the celebrity outfit. Then in a swagger that will make P Diddy shrink in envy, KC Presh and KC’s brother that got married came down in a blaze of glory. It was a sight to behold, money is good! The waiters fell over themselves to make them comfortable as over four tables were added together. Moet and all kinds of labels were lined in-state waiting to be ‘buried’. A mental calculation of what was on the table in a flash was enough to buy an Okada.
Wen small pikins get money pass im senior, na bros dem dey call am. So, bros KC Presh, make una remeba una senior bros o o.

Diggitty Dunhill’s Smart Move
SINGER and fringe Nollywood actor, Diggitty Dunhill, pulled a fast one that evening that K C Presh stormed the popular hangout on National Stadium complex, Surulere. T4T was climbing downstairs with Dunhill and the general agreement was that the evening was a boring one and so it was home to the family. As we watched the scene and the commotion being caused by the superstars, Dunhill’s face was ashen. And before you could say ‘hey’, bros Dunhill had taken a seat by the heavily laden table. What surprised one the more was that, he totally ignored T4T as if no be two of dem dey waka come before. See how life be? Anyway, Dunhill, na who no like beta tin?

Fear Of Kidnapers...
... IS the beginning of wisdom for Nollywood stars this Xmas. With the kidnap and release of Nollywood actor, Nkem Owoh, all the stars, especially of Igbo extraction, have vowed never to set foot on home soil this Yuletide. Victor Osuagwu and Ejike Asiegbu were overheard discussing the issue in low tones at the celebrity hangout. Victor has gone far by bringing his aged mother to Lagos and Ejike is working on plans to extract his over 80 years father to Lagos.
Who say eye wey dey cry no dey see road?

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