Monday, 7 September 2009

About nausea

By Kikelola Oyebola
Ever felt nauseated immediately after eating a meal? At such moments, one wishes that the meals were not taken. This condition usually ranges from mild to severe. Sometimes, it could be so bad that those affected actually throw up all that had been eaten. Others get over it as the feeling passes away after a short while. But it recurs every time something has been ingested and it could last for as long as possible until something is done about it.
It is believed in some quarters that the feeling is induced only by pregnancy. But some also attribute it to cold foods. Yet others say it has to do with whether the food is peppery enough or not. While all this may not be totally discountenanced, in many cases, however, the condition may not be due to any of them. “Feeling nauseated immediately after eating can be traced to many things, which include the presence of a large number of worms in the guts. When these have become so much to the point that they congest and block the guts, it sometimes leads to this condition,” says Dr. Babatunde Adeboyejo. “And it is sometimes as a result of stress. When an individual has been so stressed to the extent that it has become pronounced, he/she may start experiencing nausea.” It is, however, not necessarily something to get alarmed over though it can be of great discomfort while it lasts. The best thing to do then is to consult the doctor to ascertain what the problem actually is. In addition, nausea could be a symptom of some other ailments, which are not enough to give anyone a sleepless night anyway. “Aside worms and stress, other ailments that nausea heralds include dysentery, stomach disorder, feverish condition, etc. All these are treatable ailments and should not give much cause for concern. In most cases, when none of these is responsible for the condition, it usually goes away by itself so that the patient may not have to bother about seeing the doctor after all,” Adeboyejo says. If the feeling is not noticed after every meal, then it could be that a particular kind of food is not agreeable to the system, which is what triggers the nausea. In such cases, a little observation regarding the varieties of food consumed will help reveal what food is to be avoided. It is just like an allergy, which is caused by taking certain foods and drinks, but is eliminated as soon as such are avoided. Tackling the root cause usually takes care of the problem. But asides this, there are certain measures that could be taken to stem or subside the feeling for a while pending the time the doctor is consulted if the need arises. Chewing bitter kola or even kola nut is said to be of great help to those who eat them. Another way is to eat mint sweets such as tom-tom, trebor, etc.

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