Monday, 7 September 2009


Mr. Patrick The Photographer
COMEDIAN, Mr. Patrick, is now a photographer. This piece of news is authoritative. And tongues are wagging that the meltdown in the nation’s entertainment sector may have forced the comic act into taking up photography as a part time job. He was all over at the O’jez Restaurant last Sunday, taking pictures of everybody with a digital camera. Someone swore he saw Patrick asking for advance payment to produce the pictures. I can’t confirm that anyway. But the question at the moment on everyone’s lips is, has Patrick turned to photography to make ends meet? So comedy no dey pay again? We will keep you updated on this crucial development, trust.
Emeka Smith Has Arrived
COMEDIAN Emeka Smith; you don’t know Smith? That comic AY’s alter ego? Okay, you now know him. T4T was in a usual Lagos traffic last week and exhaust fumes were assaulting the eyes like no man’s business (T4T car no get A C, so im no wind up glass). He looked at the side to see who was trying to kill him with carbon monoxide and who else was noticed but Emeka Smith, grinning from ear to ear. So it was Emeka that was trying to kill T4T? I told him that, as we passed each other and all he did was smile and hail, ‘bros’ Shebi na bros I go take? Wen you don kill me finis you go call me bros? Anyway, the import of the matter is that we should thank God that at least Emeka Smith has a car, whether it emits smoke like a train or not. Some two years ago, T4T had seen the same comedian dragging his tall frame around Kilo area of Surulere, Lagos, his legs all dusty. But see Emmy boy now. God has done it for him. But the Mercedes Benz 190 model needs bodywork because as it is now, its Mercedes Benz 90, the 1 is missing.

Mamuzee Twin… the circus masters
MAMUZEE singing twins appeared at the celebrity hangout on Sunday dressed like circus masters. You would think the hangout had turned Disney Land as the duo walk in with matching black cat suits with wide lapels, black pointed shoes, white shirts and long Professor Peller’s look-alike hats. Nice dresssense, Mamuzee, but I will not be surprised that you guys will soon drop music and either turn to circus clowns or magicians. It’s all good.

Enebeli Elebuwa and kolanut

RECALL the last time I told you how T4Tspotted Nollywood star Enebeli ‘Andrew’ Elebuwa at the popular hangout in National Stadium at about 9pm, chewing hard on a piece of kolanut and drinking bottled water? Fine. It seems like the actor is not in a hurry to kick the kolanut habit and at odd places too. T4T was stuck in traffic recently with the star (dis T4T na so so traffic im dey dey sef? Im no get house?) and as one peeped into the Mercedes Benz V Boot, the first thing that caught the attention was the piece of kolanut sticking out of Elebuwa’s mouth at a vantage angle. Bros, even in that thick traffic, you still get time dey chew dat tin like say you dey house? You are too much. In fact, ‘Andrew’s dexterity at chewing kolanut will make our northern brothers go green with envy. I hail o.
Bambino: How not to be a star
NOLLYWOOD fringe actor, Bambino, gave a good lesson of how not to be a star on Sunday night. T4T was driving at about 11.30pm (dis T4T no dey stay one place) and who did he see at the popular NEPA Junction, Aguda, Lagos, but big size Bambino. There was nothing wrong with seeing Bambino at NEPA Junction, even at that time of the night, but hold on, the way the actor was walking suggested something was wrong. Trust T4T, he slowed down and watched. Is Bambino ill? Why then was he walking or rather swaying like who just alighted from a ship? The nickel dropped… Bambino must have drank more than he could take. I am not saying he was drunk o o. He just took one bottle more than his normal limit. When the car pulled close to Bambino, his large glob of spit nearly hit the car; with eyes that looked unseeing, he walked on quite oblivious of what he just did. He stumbled home. Advise to Bambino: Next time you are in that state, please find the nearest kiosk and hide till morning because if younger people had seen you that night, you would not have cut a picture of a role model figure. Na advise I give o o.

Showkey Bobo

GHETTO singer Daddy Showkey after so many years has not dropped his ghetto garb. Close associates are still at a loss why Showkey will not just desist from using those agbero (tout) slang anytime he was in the gathering of ‘decent’ people.
He was all fired up last Sunday as he threw up ghetto slang after slang. He had a ready accomplice in Baba Fatai Rolling Dollar, veteran highlife musician. Birds of the same feather... fill in the blank spaces. Anyway, I am not surprised, Showkey had told T4T years ago that “you can take the man from the ghetto, you cannot take the ghetto from the man.” I agree with you, sir.

MORGON’s Nollywood Summit gets backing

AFTER months of meetings, networking and consultations, HITV, the wholly Nigerian Pay TV Company, has agreed to throw its weight behind the Movie Reporters’ Guild of Nigeria, (MORGON), second yearly Nollywood summit, in Lagos.
The guild’s president, Azuh Amatus, in a statement, said, “we are in talks with HiTV as regards support for MORGON’s summit. As you are aware, the Nigerian Film Corporation, NFC and the National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB), all supported the summit last year, which was tagged: Nollywood, Our Nollywood. This year’s theme is, Nollywood: A Vital Tool For Re-Branding The Nigerian Image. We are extending invitation to the Minister of Communications and Orientation, Prof. Dora Akunyuli, to come and talk about the re-branding Nigeria initiative and the progress made so far. As you know, Nigeria, Good People, Great Nation, is the most apt slogan at this point in our nation’s life. And we at MORGON, are keying into it as part and parcel of the Nigerian project.”
Mr. Toyin Subair, the CEO of HITV, will speak on The Menace of Broadcast Piracy and Challenges of Pay TV Companies in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa: The HiTV Experience.
Other speakers include Prof. Paul Ojeih, the CEO of Iris Medical Foundation; Barrister Fred Agbaje; Mr. Zik Zulu Okafor, filmmaker and public speaker; Pastor Cyprian Orakpo, President of Optical Disc Replicators Association of Nigeria and Mr. Philip Obin, CEO of Potech Integrated Services.
The Nigerian Film Corporation and the National Film and Video Censors Board have assured of their support and participation at the event. The DGs of both bodies will also deliver topical papers at the event.
Billed to hold on Friday, October 2 at the Sheraton Hotels & Towers, Lagos, the event, just like last year’s will witness a heavy presence of Nollywood practitioners, artistes and government personalities.
Last year’s summit, which held on November 20, attracted notable speakers such as Prof. Pat Utomi, representatives of Messrs. Emeka Mba and Afolabi Adesanya, both DGs of NFVCB and NFC, respectively. Others were: Mr. Kene Mkparu, former GM, Odeon Cinemas, UK, Mr. Ejike Asiegbu, president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Mr. Adim Williams, former vice president of the Association of Movie Producers and Mrs. Peace Anyiam-Osigwe, the CEO and founder of AMA Awards.

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