Monday, 7 September 2009


Sonny McDon’s White Bia Bia factory

ACTOR and producer, Sonny McDon, is fast chasing the award for the most white-bearded personality in Nollywood. Ran into the actor recently and T4T was amazed at how whitish McDon’s bia bia had turned! T4T was forced to enquire if the once popular actor was making-up some white powdery substance to create that look. He cautioned T4T that the bearer of salt does not wish for a heavy downpour. I got the message, but for your information Sonny, I am not in your white bia bia league. However, with the way the actor is going, bia bia-wise, he will soon be a permanent character for a native doctor in coming films.

Ejike Vs K.O.K... The Battle Rages … LAST week, I deliberately did not update you on the latest in the ongoing Third World War between two Nollywood stars, Actors Guild of Nigeria president, Ejike Asiegbu and another ‘president’ of the guild, Kanayo O. Kanayo. But this is the latest. The Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, Mr. Marvel Akpoyibo, in a bid to check further hostilities that may lead to dem say dem say, has decided to wade into the matter. A meeting was held early in the week, but the gladiators still have their swords fully drawn. K.O.K says he will defend the ‘mandate’ he got from the actors. Ejike on his part is insisting on due process and the rule of law. They are back in the trenches, but Akpoyibo a source said, has not given up hope. This fight is between two elephants; and the grass (other actors) is suffering at the moment. Ran into an actor (names withheld) lamenting last week that he no longer enjoys free booze from either Ejike or K.O.K. Reason? Both fighters deem him an enemy. It is this bad. We shall keep you posted.

Hakeem Rahman’s Panic Attack FORMER ‘president’ of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Hakeem Rahman, is in the news again. Recall the last time when the almighty AGN Board of Trustees members used Rahman to overthrow Ejike Asiegbu and he became ‘president’ for some weeks (before Ejike countered the coup); well, the actor is in the thick of the ongoing fray between K.O.K and Ejike in related matters.The news is Rahman had a panic attack recently when policemen from Panti division arrested him along other members of K.O.K group, who have chased Ejike from the national secretariat at the moment. A source said he was so jittery in the interrogation room that he asked to visit the loo almost five times in 20 minutes. This reportedly got the interrogating officer worried and asked him if he needed the services of a doctor. It took sometime before the officer realised that Rahman was having a panic attack. Who no get power to do somtin no dey start am at all, na advise I give o o.

Victor Osuagwu’s Very Busy
NOLLYWOOD comedian, Victor Osuagwu, is a very busy man at the moment. If he is not on a location in Enugu, he is organising a comedy show in Imo State or shooting commercials for a Chinese motor company and appearing in a newspaper advertisement with head-popping sum from a truck the company is frantically trying to convince Nigerians to buy. That is not the issue. T4T accosted him recently with the busy body nature of his and the need for him to spread some of the goodies got and Victor did not argue. He promptly ordered some spring rolls and pepper laced sauce, some white O’jez Chinese soup, that only Victor gulped down while others stared and bottles of beer (names withheld). Victor has truly arrived, in an era of meltdown in Nollywood, the guy is having it rosy. His tummy is bulging and his friends are afraid he will soon be in need of a tummy-tuck operation. When it comes to that, somebody has volunteered to introduce him to the same hospital where a popular politician did his own some couple of years ago in Germany.

Bond Emeruwa’s ‘Cruel’ WHAT shacks, especially awuf, will do to some people cannot be imagined. Movie director and president, Director’s Guild of Nigeria, Bond Emeruwa, was deeply engrossed in downing a bottle of whisky in company of comedy merchant Opa Williams at the VIP section of O’jez last week, that he forgot that somebody was in his car waiting for him. The whisky bottle has been drained almost to the last drop before his mobile phone rang and he recalled he left a friend in the car. Hear him: “Chei! I forgot; this guy will kill me, ah, he is still in the car,” he exclaimed amid thick cigarette smoke curling from his mouth. You see what booze can do to someone? Thank God T4T did not partake in the free booze bonanza. If you like believe say I taste small whisky, na you know.

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