Sunday, 27 September 2009

Dressing up the beautifulCurve

MoST women in the month of pregnancy hate to think about their struggle wit dressing. Most of their clothes do not fit properly anymore, as a result of the bulging stomach.
It is usually a common sight this period to see the women dressed in long and oversized dresses in order to hide their protruding tummy. Ma’am you can have some fresh breath; that beautiful curve won’t be conspicuous again. For Aisha Abdusalam, a fashion designer of 15 years experience and the chief executive of Avada Couture, Abuja, “one can still dress smartly and look attractive even as a pregnant woman.” The business administration graduate of the University of Jos says her fashion house is putting together a show for pregnant women on October 5 in Abuja. “My focus is on these women because they wear long and big dresses most of the time... I want to show that they can be pregnant and still be beautifully dressed.” According to her, “it’s an idea I’ve nursed for a long now; for me this is just the appropriate time to come out and dress pregnant women.” Tagged Pregnant Beauty Fashion show, Aisha, who in the past, had organised a few shows for young women and girls, says she’s passionate about fashion, and draws inspiration from her grandmother as a child. “My grandmum was a fashionable woman and I admired her a lot as a young child. I started sewing when I was nine, making dresses for my doll babies using needle and thread. I used my mum’s head ties to make the dresses.” AS a student, Aisha was a rich while in the University because she always earned money sewing her friends’ clothes. For her, fashion is not just about following trends, it is about wearing what fits and dressing right for the occasion. “I derive joy in making people look beautiful. I started commercial sewing 15 years ago. I look at myself as one of the best designers in Abuja and I hope to be one of the best in the world. “I get my materials from the local market and I make them unique from what is available around. I take care not to over accessorize my works so as to get the best results. You don’t have to travel abroad to get materials, you can creatively make use of what we have here and still come out good,” she says. Aisha, who does all the designing and supervises the cutting of the clothes, says she has workers who do the sewing in order to meet up with demand. She aims to remain affordable as a strategy for brand promotion.

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