Sunday, 27 September 2009

‘flashy me in colours... but no skinny jeans, pls’

Sophisticated, classy and multi talent US-based Nigerian Rap artist, cosmetologist, make-up artist and hair stylist, Felicia Babalola popularly known as Felyne is definitely rocking the mainstream with her album, titled ‘Opposite twist’. In recent times her singles, ‘My Baby’, ‘My Baby remix’ and ‘Addiction’ has been toping charts. The Kea University Star Search Award Winner of Best Hip-Hop/Rap Performance and Psychology graduate spoke to DAMILOLA ADEKOYA on her fascinating, sexy and irresistible fashion style.

Definition of fashion
It’s all about originality, uniqueness and clinginess. When you are walking out the street, you are noticed and your fashion catches people’s attention.
Style of dressing
I dress like a rock-star and I’m being classy in what ever I wear. I like cut-up jeans, pasting things on jeans, shirts and shoes because in the US, that’s what a lot of people do.

Favorite piece of clothing

I love dresses because they bring out my shape.

Most expensive item

My shoes

Favorite designer

Baby Phat, that is Kimora Lee Simmons’s clothing line. Baby Phat is her brand name and the logo for Baby Phat is cat.

Favorite signature

J. Lo’s glow. It smells great and it is long lasting

Most cherish possession
All my gadgets, including my Ipod and laptop, they’re just so precious to me.

Turn on
Colour combination; it makes me wow!

Memorable moments

The day I hosted a big fashion show in the US. It was memorable because I was really able to showcase my talents in terms of make-up and that kicked up my make-up career.

Most embarrassing moment

When I fell in front of a guy I liked; oh! It was so embarrassing


Music, fashion shows and weddings. It inspires me to want to try and experience what is out there

Beauty routine
Skin care, toner, and cleanser. It helps bring out ones true beauty without make-up

Favorite body products

Dove soap because it keeps me moisturized. For make-up, I love Mac.

Best colour

Red and black. Black, because it goes with everything and red because it just attracts me.

Role model

My mum, because she is very hard working.

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