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Zizi Baby, Watch That Rear Right Tyre

AT exactly 4.03pm on Wednesday, September 23, T4T saw a black Infiniti SUV pulled up at the Nitel Junction on Isaac John Street, GRA, Ikeja. What attracted one to the shiny black wonder on wheels, was the customised number plate, ZIZI. The mind flashed to Nigeria’s ace designer Zizi Cardow. You don’t know dear ‘ol Zizi? Shame! Zizi aside being one of the country’s best designers proved she could also dance when she featured in the now rested Celebrity Takes 2 dance reality show. T4T peeped through the tinted glass but it was not Zizi that was at the wheels. However, the yellow paw paw face of the designer reflected on the passenger side. She nearly deceived me, but Jesus is still lord. As the SUV drove off, another thing that caught the attention was the right rear tyre. Aunty, that tyre don dey eat fast, so please change am fast, I no wan hear o o. To God Be The Glory!

Kefee Has Moved On, Please
FRESH from a disastrous marriage to music producer Alec, female singer Kefee, whose divorce case is still on in Delta State, has declared she has moved on in life. And of course, she has struck it big, with a luxury apartment in Lekki (rumours say she bought the house, she denied anyway), a flashy car after rumours had it that her estranged husband seized her car. Kefee was on Facebook chat with T4T recently and she confirmed that she indeed has moved from her Ogba-Ikeja suburb to millionaire playground, Lekki. As you read this piece, Kefee may have began her UK/US tour with Timaya and co. Geez, dear Kefee, my prayer is, when I grow up, I will like to be like you. Amen.

Timaya Vs Empress Njamah... Armageddon II
THE Afro hip hop act Timaya made a gesture of one having sex when he mentioned his embattled girlfriend, Nollywood star Empress Njamah’s name, I knew, it was just a matter of time before things will fall apart and the centre will not be able to hold. Timaya, the ever proud, self acclaimed Egberipapa I of Bayelsa, while picking up an award recently dramatised how he apparently makes love, when he dedicated the award to Empress and others. It shows how much he valued Empress, and trusts the actress; she read between the lines and bided for her time to strike. When it came, Empress took possession of Timaya’s car, a nice pay off you will say. Unless you are not in Nigeria, that is when you will not hear of how Timaya went to Empress’ church on a Sunday morning and attempted to retake possession of his car. He got the beating of his life according to reports. Lesson to learn from Timaya’s drama. There is always a huge price to pay when a man hinges an affair on the kind of gesture Timaya did on stage. For Timaya, he enjoyed that ‘thing’ (see video of the award and gesture) and he paid dearly with a car. Smart Empress, drive on sister, man na mumu.

Zack Orji Has Done It Again!
YOU may be wondering what Nollywood star and later day African wrestling champion De Ultimate’s spokesman, Zach Orji, has done again. Fine, Uncle Zach has been on T4T’s case for a long time now, anytime he sees T4T at celebrity hangout, O’jez, there is one particular question he always ask. Now, Uncle Zack, wen fowl dey peck somtin for head all the time, naim be say im wan swallow the tin. Like what I always tell your fellow Nollywood star, Sonny McDon; the carrier of salt does not wish for rain to fall. A word is enough for the wise. Next time, I will tell the world the question you always ask me; and of course I will ask you mine in return. Remember your left, Uncle Zach!

Bovi’s Married Please
JUST as I was telling you last week how comedian Bovi hammered and moved to Lekki area of Lagos, news filtered in that the Delta State native was getting married. I was not invited, but we got what went down at the celebrity wedding in Maryland, Lagos. But the lesson to learn from Bovi’s sharp sharp marriage is this, when a man is becoming successful, the wisest thing to do, is to get married, if not, Lagos gals will finish him and he fit use paper bag carry im tins run back to im village. Smart Bovi, you jump Lagos gals pass. HE is alive.

Kunle Afolayan Owns This One, Please

MOVIEMAKER and actor Kunle Afolayan has shut critics up finally. His latest movie Figurine is expected to be a blockbuster and he has been very excited about the development. He carried his excitement a bit far recently when he met T4T on Facebook. Kunle got a huge compliment from T4T who has been privileged to see part of the movie, after saying thanks, the producer quickly added. “There is no issue about this film, it is my own o o.” Who ask you weda na you get Figurine or not? Oh, I now know why he had to add that for my ears only. Kunle was embroiled in a protracted battle over who owns his last movie, Irapada. The court had to declare another chap owned it; but the issue was resolved later. This made Kunle to go back to the board and come out with a statement, Figurine. It is good when a challenge like this brings out the best in a person. Congrats, Kunle, Figurine is truly yours, no controversy.

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